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Rodents 101: The Difference Between Rats and Mice

Having a rat or mouse problem can be problematic for many reasons. Not only can they spread diseases, but they can also cause damage to your home as well. While they may look the same when they startle you, the two are different from each other. Understanding the difference between rats and mice can help you use the most effective method to get rid of these unwanted visitors.

Autumn at the Dallas Arboretum

This year, 2019, the Dallas Arboretum curators have gone with the theme, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown™." All throughout their Pumpkin Village, you'll find many displays that honor the classic comic strip, Peanuts. You'll also find hay mazes and activities for your kids to play in and around. And when you are ready, you'll be able to buy a pumpkin from the prominent pumpkin patch.

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