Author: Chorbie

Knowledge Center / 02.12.2020

Winterizing Your Home Sprinkler System

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Many homeowners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area have sprinkler systems installed. To no surprise, this is necessary given the hot, dry weather experienced throughout most of the year. While these systems make watering plants and lawns a breeze, the sprinkler system must be properly maintained,...

Landscaping / 30.11.2020

Trimming Shrubs In Winter

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Having a beautiful and well-kept landscape requires planning and proper technique. Understandably, if done right, you can expect your property to have a magnificent and attractive outcome. One essential piece to creating an eye-catching landscape is trimming shrubs and it carries with it multiple benefits...

Pest Control / 30.11.2020

Do Ants Come Out In The Winter?

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With cooler weather, many homeowners anticipate a much-needed reprieve from tasks like mowing the lawn and pests such as ants. This is a time of year when you can sit back and disregard many of those spring and summer maintenance tasks around your yard and...

Landscaping / 30.11.2020

Tips For Keeping Palm Trees Healthy in Winter

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Palm trees aren’t exactly a common sight in Texas. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful outside look with them. Anything is possible with a little creativity and imagination. To prove that theory, many homeowners here in the DFW area have yards sporting...

Lawn Care / 30.11.2020

Benefits Of Winter Planting

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In the DFW Metroplex, there are many homeowners with astounding green thumbs. Because of this finding, the most ideal time to plant in our gardens is imperative. Although winter doesn’t particularly make us think of spending time in the garden, it’s actually a great season...

Pest Control / 30.11.2020

Getting Rid of Fire Ants in Your Kitchen

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Fire ants are often associated with warm summer temperatures as they are actively foraging for food. However, while most ants hibernate or die during the cold winter months, these pests can become a nuisance even then. Having fire ants in your home is not only...