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Knowledge Center, Lawn Care / 25.10.2020

What Are Pre-Emergents?

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Pre-emergents are a primary and effective tool in weed control for every homeowner. Getting the most out of these useful products is critical in regards to proper lawn care and maintenance. It’s important for homeowners to learn how pre-emergents can take action in your yard to...

Lawn Care / 30.09.2020

Ground Temperature and Weed Control

Ground temperature and weed control

As outside temperatures begin to fall, cool weather weeds begin to rise. While this is not the plot to a movie coming to a theater near you, this naturally occurring event could very well come to your lawn soon. The reason has to do with...

Lawn Care / 30.09.2020

How to Kill Nutsedge

How to kill nutsedge

One of the frequently asked questions we receive annually is on how to kill nutsedge. Unfortunately, this grassy weed is one of the most problematic and challenging weeds to eradicate. Let’s explore why for a minute. What is the Nutsedge Weed? Our working definition of a “weed”...