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If you stay in one place long enough, you might start to notice that you’ve accumulated quite a lot of stuff. When you start looking around and thinking about the pieces that no longer fit in your home or your life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The good news is, Chorbie is ready to help you clear some clutter with our comprehensive junk removal service. All you have to do is decide what needs to go from the interior or exterior of your property and we’ll pick it up and haul it away for you, with far less expense and hassle than renting a dumpster and having to move items yourself.

What To Expect

When you’re ready to get rid of stuff that’s taking up otherwise usable space in your home or languishing in your yard, it’s time to contact Chorbie. The process starts when you provide us with images of the items you want to remove so we can offer a quote based on the number of items, the perceived size, weight, and difficulty of removal, and the number of people needed to get the junk removal service done.


There’s no limit to the number of items you can have removed and we’ll even disassemble large objects like furniture for you. Once you’ve accepted our quote, you can expect to have designated items removed from the property within a week’s time.


All of our crew members submit to a background check and you can expect only uniformed professionals to arrive at your property for a scheduled pickup. We carry insurance for your peace of mind.


Chorbie’s junk removal service is unable to remove dangerous or unlabeled chemicals, prescription medications, engine oil, firearms or explosives, or structural support items from your home. You’ll need to contact the city concerning the removal of hazardous or dangerous items from your property.


If you’re having items removed from the exterior of your home, consider additional Landscape Enhancements at the same time to remediate areas where items were stored and increase curb appeal and property value.

Benefits Of A Professional Junk Removal Service

There are many reasons to rely on Chorbie for all of your junk removal needs, starting with our satisfaction guarantee. We work quickly and guarantee that no damage to your property will occur in the course of removing items, and we’ll disassemble large objects for your convenience.

Removing junk from inside the home helps to promote a clean and healthy environment, eliminate places for pests to hide, and clear space in preparation for renovations, just for example. As for removing junk outside the home, you can increase curb appeal and property value, as well as avoid HOA or city fines for unsightly items. Our service is more cost-effective than renting a dumpster and we’ll literally do the heavy lifting for you.

Contact the friendly and accommodating professionals at Chorbie today at 972-697-5221 or online to learn more and get a quote for our junk removal service.

Expert Pest Control Service

At Chorbie, we understand how detrimental a pest infestation can be. Pests in your yard can damage landscaping and keep you from enjoying your outdoor spaces. If they get into your home, they could not only compromise the integrity of your structure, but also harm the people and pets in your household. Our comprehensive pest control service includes:

  • A knock on your door to let you know one of our friendly technicians is working on the property
  • A comprehensive exterior inspection by an experienced and licensed professional
  • Insecticide products administered around the exterior of the home, including points of entry (doors and windows) to form a barrier against pests
  • Exterior cobwebs and wasps’ nests removed, if within reach (23-foot long arm used)
  • Weep holes inspected and treated as needed
  • Granular pest control applied in yard
  • Interior pest treatment upon request
  • Custom interior treatment offered for specific areas of infestation (such as ants in kitchen)
  • Detailed service report emailed to you upon job completion

Our comprehensive program is designed to stop current pest infestations and prevent future issues with pests, thanks to expert evaluation and administration of pest control products by our licensed technicians. Quarterly pest control service with Chorbie covers a wide variety of pests, and we offer additional services to deal with specific pests like airborne insects, such as mosquitos, and hitch-hiking bugs like lice, ticks, and fleas.

Effective And Lasting Results

At Chorbie, we guarantee satisfaction with our pest control service, so if you see any recurrence of infestation in your yard or home between scheduled quarterly treatments, we’ll return to re-administer pest control products at no additional cost. You deserve to be comfortable and relaxed in your home and while enjoying your yard. Chorbie delivers a pest-free environment and peace of mind with quarterly pest control service that protects your home and landscaping and significantly reduces the nuisance and danger pests can pose.

They are Very Professional.
Mahesh S.,

Chorbie is one of the best that I have seen in my area. They are very professional. Best part is you don’t have to follow them by calling or mailing for things to be done.

The Process is Seamless.
Laura C.,

Matt Sanders and Michael Bridges are the techs. We’ve been very happy since we switched vendors. Chorbie calls us with reminders, sends emails on what was done, posts photos of our lawn to confirm, charges our credit card. The process is seamless.

So Worth It!
Jonathan M,

Chorbie handles all my weed control and fertilizing and they do an excellent job! It saves me so much time and energy ensuring the products are put down correctly throughout the year. Also, they charge about what it would cost if I did it on my own. SO WORTH IT! Thank you so much! 👍👍

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