Will the treatment still work if the lawn was mowed after it was applied?2019-03-25T14:40:29-05:00

The treatment is still effective in most cases. We guarantee our services, so if ever in doubt, we’re happy to set up a service call 10 days after the initial treatment to avoid over treating.

Why is my neighbor’s lawn greener than mine?2019-03-25T14:31:53-05:00

This can be very hard to determine. Many times, your neighbor may have a different kind of grass than you lawn. Even different varieties of the same grass can be different shades of green. Soil temperature can also play a part. If one yard has higher or lower soil temperatures it can affect the coloring of the grass. It may also have to do with drainage, watering frequency, when one lawn was last fertilized vs. another lawn and what mixture of fertilizer was used. Slow release fertilizer vs. quick release can affect the lawn. We use both based on the need of your lawn and the time of year we are treating the lawn.

Why are there circles or dead spots after you treated my lawn?2019-03-22T21:43:40-05:00

Unfortunately, you can’t have weed killing without the yellowing. The grass around those areas will recover within a few weeks. This is why we emphasize getting on a consistent program to prevent weeds from popping up. In the rare case one does come up, we will treat it, the grass around the weed will turn yellow for a brief period and will then recover. *Most lawns we have had for years won’t have this problem often because they rarely have weeds.

What payment plans do you offer?2019-06-18T18:18:46-05:00

It is Chorbie’s goal to provide you with the most convenient, worry and hassle-free service possible. For this reason, we require that your billing account is set up with a major credit card (Visa, Discover Card, MasterCard, or American Express). We will charge your credit card within one business day following a performed service.

Pricing is determined by the size of your lawn and the frequency of the services performed.

What if I need to change or cancel my services?2019-03-22T21:38:32-05:00

If you need to change your service for any reason, please contact us by phone or email by 3pm the day before your service is scheduled. This will allow us to make the changes to the next day schedule. Any changes received after 3pm may not be implemented on the next day schedule. If you stop our crew from mowing when they arrive at your home you will still be charged for the service.

What If I have a lot of Weeds in my lawn?2019-03-25T14:34:07-05:00

We can treat it! It may take several treatments to get it under control but we can do it! Chances are we have other services that will speed up the process to bring your lawn back weed free! Ask our staff for more details.

What if I experience a problem with my service?2019-03-22T21:36:19-05:00

We work to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the services we provide. If you are not happy with something, we will gladly send our crews back to correct any reasonable problems you may have with our work at no additional charge if you make us aware of the problem within 24 hours. If you contact us after 24 hours, we will be sure to correct the problem at the next service. We will do whatever it takes to make sure all issues are fixed.

What happens if it rains?2019-03-22T21:15:13-05:00

We schedule work Monday through Friday and use Saturday to compensate for delays. If for whatever reason we can not provide service on your regularly scheduled day we will notify you by email and be out the following day.

What days do you treat my lawn?2019-03-25T14:42:03-05:00

We treat lawns Monday through Friday. In the event that it rains during the week, we may work on a Saturday to ensure proper timing of treatments. Because we treat your lawn just 8 times per year we do not have a set day assigned for your treatment.

What are the most common reasons for grass dying?2019-03-25T14:35:17-05:00

Shade is the most common reason a lawn dies. Bermuda grass needs 8-12 hours of sun per day. As trees mature they can create shade to your lawn and kill your grass. Other grasses like St Augustine and Zoysia can be planted in semi shade areas that may get 4-7 hours of filtered sun. In North Texas grass does well in full shade. Other common reasons your grass might die: lack of water causing heat stress, to much water causing disease, high traffic & long term neglect.

What about my pets?2019-03-22T21:34:34-05:00

Please let us know if you have any pets that are kept outside so that our crews can be aware of them. While our crews are very careful to keep gates closed, we cannot guarantee that a pet will not get out of the fenced area. Therefore, we recommend that you keep your pets indoors or in a pet crate on your scheduled mow day.

How will I know if you were here?2019-03-25T14:33:00-05:00

Our technicians will send you an email with the details of your service, they will also leave a turf stake in the lawn.

How soon do I need to water after a treatment?2019-03-22T21:41:15-05:00

You can water in the treatment within 24 hours or if you have to wait until your watering day, that’s okay too. In certain cases we will leave details on when to water based on the products we put down, but this is only if we use a specific product that requires specific watering.

How much water does my lawn need?2019-03-25T14:36:21-05:00

A general rule of thumb 1 inch of water per week is best during the seasons your lawn is actively growing. In the warmer months of summer you may want to increase this. When in the cooler seasons of spring and fall you might want to decrease your watering to 1/2 inch of water per week. In the winter months you want to water every few weeks depending on rain to ensure your lawn does not get too dry. Even when your lawn is dormant, roots are still active. While you don’t want to water when it is below freezing you do still want to make sure your lawn is getting enough water that the soil is moist, to ensure your roots do not dry out.

How do you protect trees, fences, and play sets?2019-03-22T21:37:25-05:00

In order to make your lawn look its best, we use string trimmers around your trees, fences, play sets and other obstacles. If you are worried about line trimming damage or basic wear and tear, please put protection around your trees and fences or contact us and we can work to find a solution for you.

How do you handle locked gates?2019-03-22T21:24:27-05:00

Keep your gate unlocked for us on your scheduled mowing day. We recommend combination locks so that we can get into your back yard at no inconvenience to you.

**Please be aware – we cannot send our crews back or issue a credit for not mowing inside a fenced area that is locked. Please take care of locked fences beforehand to avoid such problems.

How do you determine that we need 8 treatments per year?2019-03-25T14:37:19-05:00

We follow the recommendations of the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension which is the authority in Texas turf care. Consistency is key to a great looking lawn. Seasons in the year determine how we treat, which determines the amount of treatments needed. While it is possible to get results with fewer than 8 treatments it is often difficult to control harder to kill weeds and guarantee quality.

How do you determine price?2019-03-22T21:42:36-05:00

We use a mapping software that allows us to determine your turf square footage thus, your price.

How do I report property damage?2019-03-22T20:48:15-05:00

It is not common for property of any kind to be damaged. If this does occur please contact us immediately so we can make timely repairs. The most common damage to property is sprinkler heads because they are almost impossible to see in the grass. We will fix sprinkler heads if we break them. If they are continually being hit they are probably wearing out and sticking in the up position or they are sitting too close to the concrete. Properly placed sprinkler heads almost never get damaged.

****Please contact us immediately if you believe we are responsible for damaged property. If you fix the property on your own without contacting us beforehand, we will not refund you any costs associated with repairs. If we cannot make the repair ourselves, we will hire someone who is qualified to do so.

Do you plant seed or sod for bare areas?2019-03-25T14:38:30-05:00

We do not recommend planting seed for bare areas because the pre-emergent we use can keep the seed you plant from germinating just like it keeps unwanted weeds from germinating. We do however work closely with a landscaper who can install new sod in areas that may have died. In most cases this is due to trees maturing and creating more shade. Contact our office for a landscaper referral.