Bush & Bed Questionnaire

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Due to the nature of this service, this service is only available to active members. An active member is one who is enrolled in either our Lawn Mowing, Fertilization & Weed Control, or Pest Control program. We hope to make this service available to everyone in the near future.

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Will this be a one-time or recurring service?
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Specific Instructions

For every service you checked above, please give more details and instructions below.

How would you like your shrubs/ornamental grasses/ornamental trees trimmed? Would you like your bushes to have a more natural look, or a more manicured look?
Are there any plants that you do NOT want touched? If so, describe their location and appearance.
If we are removing plants, describe their location and apperance.
If we are installing plants, where will they be installed?
If your needs were not listed above, please describe the scope of work here.
Are there any further instructions you want to give us now?
Would you like to be present for the service?

Our Policy on Rose Bushes

We highly recommend cutting back rose bushes in January or February.If you want your rose bushes trimmed, you MUST let us know. We will not trim them without your consent.

Do you have rose bushes that you want trimmed?
If yes, describe the work you want performed on your rose bushes. (This field is required for a rose bush service to be done.)
Interested in Mulch?

Mulch installation is a separate service and billed separately. It can be combined with a Bush & Bed service.

Would you like an estimate on our Mulch Installation service?
If yes, would you like an estimate for the front, back or both?

Bush & Bed Service Disclaimers

Please read and acknowledge the following, important details about our Bush & Bed service. Clicking "Yes" is a prerequisite for service. Please contact us with any questions.

Billing / Notice of Hourly Rate Our

Bush & Bed service is billed at an hourly rate of $59.99 per man-hour (a 1-man crew will be $59.99 per hour, a 2-man crew will be $119.98 per hour, etc.). The time starts when the crew arrives at the property and ends when the crew leaves the property. Any estimate on time is subject to change at the time of service. We do not guarantee the amount of time needed to complete the tasks assigned.

I have read and acknowledge the "Billing / Notice of Hourly Rate" statement.
Time/Cost Limit

You have the option of placing a limit on the amount of time or the total cost we spend on your project. Placing a limit may prevent the crew from completing all of the tasks requested.

I have read and acknowledge the "Time/Cost Limit" statement.
Max Time Before Approval

We will notify you if we estimate that the service will take more than 4 man-hours. You have the option to waive this during your followup call/email.

I have read and acknowledge the "Max Time Before Approval" statement.
Issues & Refunds

This service is highly subjective, and we strive to meet all of your expectations. If we make a mistake, we will come back to fix the issue at no cost to you. If we cannot fix the issue, a partial refund (determined after review) may be awarded. We do not offer full refunds on this service. Any issues must be reported within 48 hours after the completion of the service.

I have read and acknowledge the "Issues & Refunds" statement.

Finishing This Questionnaire

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