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What Happens If You Don’t Wash Your Windows?

What happens if you don’t wash your windows?

Window cleaning is one of the dreaded tasks on the list of “honey-dos.” It’s easy to put it off since we think nothing bad can happen if the windows are a bit dirty. But, the reality is, if you just wash your windows, you can get so much out of it compared to what it takes to get it done. Over time this costs you both time and money if neglected.

What Happens If You Don’t Wash Your Windows?

When you overlook the importance of washing your home’s windows, the issues that slip up are both concerning and noticeable. Here are some of the problems you’ll experience if you don’t keep your home’s windows clean:

What happens if you don’t wash your windows?

Poor Curb Appeal

The value of your home is closely linked to its curb appeal. When you fail to wash your windows, your home begins to look both run down and old. This poor curb appeal can cause your home’s value to decrease. This is easily avoidable by keeping your home looking its best with clean windows.


If dirty windows are left long enough, the layers of debris and grime can cause discoloration. Over time this can permanently harm the opacity of the glass in the window. What does this mean? Essentially, it means that no matter how much you clean the window in the future, it will always look dirty until the window is replaced.

Degrading Quality

Keeping your home’s windows washed can also prevent their quality from degrading over time. Since windows stay exposed to the elements of the outdoors they face potential danger and damage. The acid often found in rain will slowly eat away at the silicate deposits in the glass of your windows, resulting in it becoming more porous. This also means they are likely to harbor allergens and are more susceptible to breaking due to the weakened glass. Simply taking the effort to keep your windows clean can protect you from the costly repair or replacement of your windows.

What happens if you don’t wash your windows?


Windows that aren’t properly washed and taken care of often have trouble with their seals around the frame of the window as well. When the seal around the window has been damaged this leads to major issues such as leaks. In return, this can actually damage your wall. Additionally, a damaged seal can also cause air leaks, fogging, and condensation, which can have a negative impact on your electricity bill and your ability to regulate your home’s temperature. Another major issue associated with leaking is mold growth. A leaking window can cause dampness, creating an ideal environment for mold. This can turn into a serious health issue if the issue is not taken care of right away.

Outsource The Task

Now that you know the potential problems that can come when you don’t wash your windows, it’s easy to understand how important the annoying chore is. Keeping your windows washed not only makes your home look neat and tidy but protects your asset as well. However, it doesn’t make getting around to doing it any easier.

Let Us Make Window Washing Easy For You

If window washing is your least favorite chore, simply leave it to the professionals. Sure, you can choose to wash all the windows on your property by yourself, but there are certain perks that come with hiring professionals vs DIY window washing. As long as your home or business is three stories or less, the team at Chorbie is ready with our buckets and squeegees in hand. Each member of our team is professionally trained to make sure your windows are glistening after each visit. There’s no dirt or grime we can’t handle and satisfaction is guaranteed. Whether it’s a one-time job or a regularly scheduled service, Chorbie is the team for the job. Visit us online and request a quote or call us 972-697-5221 to schedule an appointment to get your dirty windows finally cleaned.

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