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Aerating Your Lawn: Why and When You Should Do It

Aerating your lawn: why and when you should do it

A vibrant, beautiful lawn is one of the biggest goals of homeownership. Driving up to your home and seeing lush, green grass is a reward all its own. However, it is a reward that requires time, dedication, and expertise. While a pleasing appearance may be the end goal, we can only reach that goal with grass that is healthy from the roots up. This means going beyond simple mowing and edging to include practices such as watering, fertilizing, and even aerating.

What Is Lawn Aeration?

Aeration is a process through which the soil is perforated, allowing grassroots to receive more water, nutrients, and sunlight. In turn, the roots can grow deeper and more robust than before, resulting in a healthier, heartier lawn. To complete the aeration process, many homeowners and lawn care companies use an aerator to dig into the soil, pull out plugs, and lay them on the lawn. Over time, the plugs reabsorb back into the yard. (Chorbie uses a liquid aeration product instead of an aerator. We believe it will become the standard method in the future.)

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Aerate?

While aerating a lawn can deliver significant benefits, timing is just as important as doing it. Although you will find companies that offer aeration services year-round, Chorbie takes a more conservative approach, designed to both protect and enhance your lawn. We only aerate lawns when air and ground temperatures are within a specific range, typically in the spring and fall months. The reasons for this timing include:

  • Temperature ranges that are neither too hot nor too cold reduce stress on the grass’ root system. Exposing the root system to extremes in temperatures can cause damage, forcing grass to concentrate on recovery instead of growth.
  • Aerating during the winter when most people are not watering can cause the soil under the grass to dry out. This principle also applies during the heat of the summer, causing drought stress as water evaporates before the grass has a chance to absorb it.

Lawn Aeration Services In North Texas

While it is possible to aerate your lawn yourself with rented equipment, it is a delicate and challenging process that is best left to professionals. By leaving this task in experienced hands, you can ensure that you reap all of the rewards of proper lawn aeration without risking any damage. To get started, contact Chorbie today and request more information on our liquid aeration service.

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