When grasses or flowers die, it’s not ideal, but they can easily be removed and replaced, quickly filling in dead spots at relatively little expense. When a mature shrub or tree dies, it leaves a hole in your landscaping that’s not easy to fill. Not only is it expensive to replace such plants, but it can take years for saplings to fully mature. Ornamental shrub care service from the experts at Chorbie is the best way to help mature shrubs and trees flourish and prevent nutrient deficiencies, diseases, and pest infestations that harm your most valuable landscaping components.

Ornamental Shrub Care Service

When you partner with Chorbie for ornamental shrub care service, you can generally expect that any trees, shrubs, or landscape plants under 12 feet are covered, although you can always discuss your landscaping with our experts if you have concerns.  The service concentrates on those plants found within flower beds and landscaping on your property.  A few of the most common ornamental shrubs and trees we treat with this service include crepe myrtles, magnolias, wax myrtles, and similar plants.

What does our ornamental shrub care service entail?  When you choose this service package, you’ll enjoy:

  • Five chemical treatments annually to control pests, eliminate diseases, and fight nutrient deficiencies year-round
  • Winter treatment: During the winter, you’ll receive two applications of horticultural oil designed to prevent scale and reduce the risk of common spring infestations
  • Spring treatment: Nutrients are administered during the spring to promote maximum growth and flowering
  • Summer treatment:  Chemical treatments target fungi and pests like aphids and cankerworms that are more active during warm, summer months
  • Fall treatment: Insects like to set up shop in your plants for the winter and diseases can take hold during this tricky season if you’re not careful, which is why we administer insect and disease control measures in the fall

Your ornamental plants, shrubs, and trees are a dazzling addition to your landscaping, but they’re also appealing to pests looking for a home and sustenance.  With regular ornamental shrub care service from Chorbie, these valuable plants are protected against the most common threats, from pests and diseases, to nutrient deficiencies.

Convenient Service with Chorbie

It’s our job to make your life easier and keep your landscaping healthy and vibrant.  Our ornamental shrub care service is designed to do just that with systematic treatments that maintain your yard and save you money over having to replace pricy ornamental plants.

In addition to gaining the peace of mind that your eye-catching flora is protected, you’ll enjoy our speedy response times and easy billing and payment options, as well as free service calls between scheduled services if you have any pressing concerns related to your ornamental plants.