Scarborough renaissance festival

Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Take a step back in time when you visit Waxahachie’s Scarborough Renaissance Festival. Every weekend during the months of April and May a new world is opened up for you to experience. This event is the perfect getaway for your family to learn about history and have an exciting time.

Each weekend is themed differently so you never know what to expect, all attendees experience the renaissance festival to the fullest as the grounds are decked out in Renaissance memorabilia. Many people come in full costume, this is especially fun for the kids! If you are interested in participating by dressing up you can rent a costume at the festival.

If food and drink are what you are looking for, the festival offers classics like turkey legs and sweets. There are also pubs and taverns where you can grab a tasty meal. The festival has classic mead, an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water, to drink as well as beer and wine tastings.

There is plenty of entertainment to go around, be sure to grab one of the entertainment brochures or check the website to find a musical show, a play or various types of games to enjoy. There is jousting, archery and ax throwing along with many more events that will take you back to the middle ages. For those who want to ingrain the Renaissance into their love life, you can book your wedding to be held at the festival.

Find tickets on the Scarborough Renaissance Festival website. Cash is recommended as some vendors may not be able to accept credit card. Comfortable shoes are advised because there is a good amount of walking. And come prepared, the festival is held rain or shine. Let us know what you experience at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival!