Total Tree Care Service

You are probably proud of the lovely trees that surround your home and want to ensure they look beautiful and stay healthy. Trees provide our homes with privacy, shade, and curb appeal. They genuinely have the ability to make or break your home’s exterior, making it look immaculate or a little run down.

A well-placed, healthy tree can draw attention to your home and your landscaping, ensuring guests feel that warm feeling when approaching your home. Chorbie wants to take the pressure off of you when it comes to maintaining the large trees in your yard, so we not only service your lawn but help you learn how to care for your trees.

Taking Care of Your Trees

Trees are living organisms that need care and attention. Tree trimming is a primary way homeowners tend to their trees, but it is just as essential to provide the proper nutrients. Trees (specifically those with bark) can be expensive to replace and recover, so it is important to be proactive in protecting them against diseases and nutrient deficiencies. Our tree service was specifically designed to care for mature hard-bark trees with canopies, such as Oak, Pistache, or Cypress. Our Total Tree Care service is a flat rate service based on the number of trees and the size of the tree’s canopy. Let’s jump into what to expect from Chorbie’s Total Tree Care service.

What to Expect from Our Total Tree Care Service

Chorbie’s tree service includes a root-injected combination of fertilizer and organic soil amendments to improve the soil and promote optimum growing conditions of the existing canopy and shade trees. The Total Tree Care service includes:

  • A custom evaluation during your initial visit by our landscape expert and advice from our resident ISA-certified arborist. We ensure care from a licensed arborist, as they recommend unique products for the best results.
  • Twice-a-year root injection service based on the certified arborist’s recommendation.
  • With each visit, Chorbie evaluates the trees to update recommendations for ongoing health and aesthetics.

Our overall mission is based on the principles of tree health care, which includes monitoring and evaluating the trees and growing conditions, early detection, and correction of situations that may cause stress to prevent more serious problems in the future.*

Additional Services to Enhance your Trees & Shrubs

Chorbie has many services, but a few complement the Total Tree Care service to ensure your shrubs and trees are taken care of fully.

Bush and Bed Maintenance: This custom service includes clearing fallen leaves, trimming shrubs, removing plants and weeds, as well as more landscaping services.

Mulch Installation: It provides an effective barrier to weather, retains moisture for use during times of low ground moisture, and reduces the amount of weeds in your landscapes.

Flower Bed Weed Control: This service involves regular sprays for weeds in landscapes. The spraying tools used by technicians target weeds, not shrubs and plants of value. Over time, you can expect to see fewer weeds appearing in the landscaping.

Total Shrub Care: A recurring service that uses insecticide, organic kelp, and other natural and synthetic fertilizers to protect shrubs and ornamental trees (crepe myrtles, hollies, magnolias) from diseases and insects.

Call Chorbie & Our Certified Arborist Today

You can either fill out the contact form at the top of this page or call Chorbie at (972) 697-5221. Our team will reach out to set up your account and to learn more about your trees’ needs. There are no contracts with our tree care company. We look forward to serving you and the health of your trees!

*This service doesn’t guarantee a tree will not catch a disease or die. It gives the tree what it needs to combat and prevent diseases. Chorbie will not replace trees that die while on this program or after a client cancels the program.

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