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Terms of Service for Christmas Lights Installation

Service Policy

Client shall grant Chorbie access to the yard, its surroundings, and electricity commensurate during regular business hours and other mutually agreeable times.

Chorbie reserves the right to reject service to any property deemed unsafe by Chorbie.

Chorbie will notify Client at least one (1) day before installation and removal services are to be performed. Chorbie will notify Client if there are any delays. If Client request changes in design, color, or location of the lighting package, during or after installation, then Client shall be responsible to pay for additional labor and material costs associated with the modification. Chorbie will make every reasonable effort to install light strands and bulbs as straight and true as possible; however, Chorbie cannot guarantee consistent light bulb orientation due to the twisting nature of the light strands.

The installation will be a custom installation. Chorbie will fasten light strands using industry standard temporary attachment methods. If standard fastening methods are not possible, additional charges may apply and will be communicated to Client prior to installation. Chorbie is not responsible for paint chipping due to highly oxidized or deteriorating paint on fascia boards, gutters, or other areas of installation.

Chorbie requires enough free circuits to carry the electrical load of the lighting package.

The provided circuits must not be tethered to high-wattage appliances such as refrigerators or washing machines. Chorbie will not be held responsible for inadequate, faulty, or overloaded electrical sources at the place of service. Client may be required to provide an electrical connection point inside the house if exterior receptacles are not available or are not adequate. Those requesting large lighting packages may need to consult with an electrician to provide additional power sources commensurate with the lighting package needs. Chorbie does not recommend tethering personal lights or appliances to the Chorbie installed lights as it may result in exceeding breaker, fuse, or circuit limits.

Chorbie will test the entire lighting package at the completion of the installation and will leave the project fully functional. Defects in light strand material or accessories must be communicated to Chorbie within forty-eight (48) hours of installation. Defects due to installation will be fixed within 48 hours at no cost to Client. After that period, any changes are subject to additional fees.

Chorbie will remove Christmas lights at Client’s premises between January 2 and January 31. Chorbie will notify Client at least one (1) day before the scheduled removal day. If Client would like a specific day for removal, Client must communicate with Chorbie before the day of service.


Client agrees to leave a credit or debit card on file with Chorbie. Chorbie is authorized to charge this card for any and all outstanding invoices in full.

Before the Installation service can be scheduled, Chorbie must receive at least 50% of the estimated price. The deposit must be made with a credit or debit card. Client has the option to make the deposit with either the card on file or a separate card.

Client authorizes Chorbie to charge the credit on file one (1) business day after the installation. The invoice will consist of the remaining balance for the Christmas Lights Installation service, any Products, Texas sales tax, and additional charges resulting from upgrades or modifications made on the day of installation.

Client can receive a copy of the invoice either by contacting Chorbie or by logging into Chorbie’s Client Portal.

Any errors or discrepancies in billing must be addressed within seven (7) days of the charge. After this time, it is agreed that the invoice and subsequent charges is correct.

Refunds will be distributed by Check and mailed to the billing address on file. Aside from technical issues or a billing error by Chorbie, refunds will not be credited back to Client’s credit card.

Warranty Information

Chorbie guarantees the workmanship of the installation. Outside of damage, wear and tear, or weathering caused by conducive conditions, Chorbie will repair or replace damaged or fallen portions of the installed Christmas lights display at no charge to Client. Conducive conditions which affect or void Chorbie’s guarantee include handling by humans; damage caused by humans, animals, and vehicles; theft; vandalism; unfettered obstructions (including, but not limited to, tree limbs); wind; rain; snow; ice; electrical problems; and acts of God.

Clips and other fasteners used to hold light strands to structures are guaranteed to function as designed. If a clip or fastener fails, Chorbie will restore the display to its original setting. Should there be any damage to the light strand or any bulbs as a result of the clips or fasteners failing, Chorbie will also repair or replace the affected items.

Light strands are guaranteed to deliver electricity to the bulbs from the day of installation to the day of removal. Light strands that fail will be replaced by Chorbie.

Light bulbs are guaranteed to function as designed from the day of installation to the day of removal. Light bulbs that fail will be replaced by Chorbie.

For Christmas lights installed on the ground, Chorbie’s guarantee only covers burned out bulbs. Installation comes with photocell timers. These timers automatically turn on Christmas lights displays beginning at dusk. Chorbie sets the timers to run for six (6) hours. Client can adjust the timers without voiding any warranty. Chorbie guarantees that these photocell timers will operate as designed; however, Chorbie does not guarantee that all lights will turn on or off at the same time. If Client wants Chorbie to install a timer previously purchased by Client, Chorbie is not responsible for setting the timer nor the maintenance of timer. Furthermore, should timer negatively affect the Christmas lights display, Chorbie is not liable for any damages. Upgrades purchased by Client from Chorbie is covered under the same guidelines above. Christmas lights and displays not purchased or installed by Chorbie are not covered under this warranty.

Repairs and Maintenance

If an installed Christmas lights display fails to operate as designed, Chorbie will first attempt to troubleshoot the issue by phone. Client must be at the property and able to follow instructions by Chorbie. If the phone call fails to resolve the problem, Chorbie will schedule a maintenance service (also known as a service call).

Chorbie will perform repairs and service calls from the day of installation to the day of removal except for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. No work will be performed on either of these holidays. Further restrictions may apply to both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Repairs and other maintenance services will be performed within one (1) day of being notified by Client and acknowledged by Chorbie.

All repairs and maintenance services not under warranty are subject to labor and materials fees. Client will be notified of the fees before the service begins. Client’s method of payment will be charged within one (1) business day of the service.


Any storage provided by Client is the responsibility of Client. On the day of removal, Client will make their storage containers accessible to Chorbie. Chorbie will neatly place lights and timers in the storage containers and will leave them by the back or front door, whichever is easily accessible. Upon removal, Chorbie has no liability for the safe keeping of lights left behind. Chorbie can store Client’s Christmas lights at their facility. All lights will be stored neatly in an appropriate storage container and will be located at Chorbie’s home office. This optional service costs $44.99 plus Texas sales tax. Transportation and storage for up to one (1) year are included in the price. Storage fees are non-refundable and will not be prorated. If Client chooses to store lights with Chorbie and wants to receive their Christmas lights before the end of one (1) year, Chorbie will deliver the Christmas lights within seven (7) business days from the day of notification. Storage fees are non-refundable and will not be prorated.


Chorbie is not liable for any cost incurred by the operation of Christmas lights displays. Chorbie is not responsible for damages caused by electrical issues including, but not limited to, faulty outlets, tripped GFCIs, or overloaded circuits.

Unless otherwise stated, Client will allow Chorbie to photograph and video at Client’s property. It is agreed that Chorbie can only record media associated with the Christmas lights service. Aside from the recording of an “after installation” photograph and video clip, Chorbie will restrict the time of recording to only times where services are being performed. Chorbie reserves the right to use photographs or video of Client’s property for marketing and media purposes.


By initialing, Client and Chorbie agree to renew this agreement every year in perpetuity for the installation, maintenance, and take down of the lighting display. Client and Chorbie both reserve the right to cancel this service at any time for any reason. Any updates to this agreement will be written and signed by both parties through an Addendum.

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