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One of the important aspects to maintaining a home is to control the pests in and around the property. If left alone, insects can damage your lawn, plants, food, and your very home. Chorbie offers the services you need to control the population of insects around your home. All of our services are performed by a team of licensed technicians who undergo continual education. Best of all, if you see an infestation in-between treatments, we’ll come out and perform a free service call. Check out our services below.


When spiders, ants, bees, wasps, and other insects invade your yard and breach the walls of your home, Chorbie is on the job with comprehensive pest control service that helps to keep bugs at bay.

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When you catch termites early, you can treat your home and avoid damage and expense, but prevention is a much better option for responsible homeowners. Chorbie offers ongoing, monitored termite control service to protect against termite infestation year-round.

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Our blend of professional-grade insecticides can be applied at any time of year and you’ll enjoy total eradication of fire ants within 30 days of application. Protection lasts up to one year.

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Blood-sucking mosquitos can leave you covered with itchy, annoying, and unsightly welts every time you walk outdoors, Our service kills mosquitoes on contact and repels mosquitoes for 21-30 days.

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They are Very Professional.
Mahesh S.,

Chorbie is one of the best that I have seen in my area. They are very professional. Best part is you don’t have to follow them by calling or mailing for things to be done.

The Process is Seamless.
Laura C.,

Matt Sanders and Michael Bridges are the techs. We’ve been very happy since we switched vendors. Chorbie calls us with reminders, sends emails on what was done, posts photos of our lawn to confirm, charges our credit card. The process is seamless.

So Worth It!
Jonathan M,

Chorbie handles all my weed control and fertilizing and they do an excellent job! It saves me so much time and energy ensuring the products are put down correctly throughout the year. Also, they charge about what it would cost if I did it on my own. SO WORTH IT! Thank you so much! 👍👍

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