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Pest Control

Our team of licensed technicians will keep your bugs at bay with comprehensive pest control services.

Home Pest Control

It doesn’t matter if it’s ants, spiders, or wasps, Chorbie is ready to get rid of your pests.

Termite Control

Trust Chorbie to make sure your home is safe and secure from termites and all the damage they can cause.

Fire Ant Control

Don’t suffer the stings of fire ants! Our team of experts at Chorbie can safely eradicate these pests.

Mosquito Control

You can trust Chorbie to prevent mosquitoes from plaguing your property with a home and lawn treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it child/pet safe?

The products we use are all fully approved by the Texas Department of Agriculture, and are perfectly safe to come in contact with once dry. We do ask that any small dogs are kept off the grass at least an hour after treatment to avoid any rare allergic reactions.

Do you treat for bees?

If you see a white carton-like nest on your home then they are most likely paper wasps. If you do see a bee swarm, contact us and we can help advise if they are “nesting or resting.” If we determine they are indeed trying to build a nest on your home or property, we can then advise the best and most economical way to remove them for you.

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