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Do Ants Come Out In The Winter?

Do Ants Come Out In The Winter?

With cooler weather, many homeowners anticipate a much-needed reprieve from tasks like mowing the lawn and pests such as ants. This is a time of year when you can sit back and disregard many of those spring and summer maintenance tasks around your yard and home. At least, that is the common assumption. Unfortunately, many pests, including ants, can remain active in the winter and still require your attention to prevent an infestation.

Understanding Habits Of Ants During Winter

First, let’s address the common belief that ants are inactive in winter. There is a degree of truth to this, which is why it has become so pervasive.

  • Cooler weather does slow ants down. They become far less active and begin to hibernate while outside. However, there is still the possibility of discovering ants inside your home.
  • While most ants build their colonies outside, there are occasions when satellite colonies occur indoors. Safe from the harsh winter temperatures, these ants are free to continue foraging throughout your home year-round.
  • If you spy ants in your house this winter, the unlucky reality is that they likely came from an infestation that exists within your walls.

Preventing Ant Problems In The Winter

  • Bathrooms and kitchens are common hubs for ants and the most likely locations for them to be spotted.
  • Keep an especially watchful eye on these areas and prevent access to any food source by closing food containers and cleaning crumbs from counters and sinks.
  • If you do notice ants, deal with them as quickly as possible. Their appearance likely means they are infesting parts of your home that you cannot even see, and their lingering presence can cause extensive damage.
  • In order to fully rid your home of ants and ensure none remain, it is wise to rely on expert pest control specialists.
  • These professionals will help determine precisely where and how ants have entered your home, help you assess any damage, and fully eradicate them from the premises.

In turn, you can rest assured that no ants will be found in your food and no damage will be done within the walls of your home.

You’re Not In This Alone!

For homeowners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Chorbie provides exceptional pest control services for all manner of insects and rodents. Fighting back against these invasive bugs is almost always an uphill battle so easing these almost always stressful situations is best. If you are currently dealing with an ant infestation or are concerned about other possible pests, contact our team today!

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