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DIY or Hire Help? How Professional Fire Ant Control Products Compare

Diy or hire help? how professional fire ant control products compare

Fire Ant Control products eliminate ants, protect households, prevent bites, and improve quality of life at home. You can choose to buy do-it-yourself products from home stores or hire a professional fire ant control company to reap these benefits. Read on to learn how professional fire ant control services compare to DIY products.

Do-It-Yourself Fire Ant Control Products

In practice, there are two types of consumer fire ant control products to observe: reactive and proactive. In the former, the aim is to control an existing colony or mound, and, in the latter, to prevent the formation of new colonies.

  • Reactive fire ant control products are usually a powder that you sprinkle on and around an active ant mound. They traditionally aim to kill existing mounds rather than preventing new mounds from forming.
  • Proactive fire ant control products, on the other hand, act as a repellant. You apply these products as granules over the entire lawn. These granules, however, do not penetrate the soil where fire ants live.

Both systems present the same flaw. Reactive fire ant control products do not prevent the formation of new mounds, and proactive fire ant control products only kill fire ants on the surface. The remaining, underground fire ants move on to form new colonies.

Professional Fire Ant Control Products

Unlike DIY attempts, professional fire ant control services are more effective, longer-lasting systems for most mild and severe cases of fire ant infestations. They both outlast DIY attempts and prove more efficient at eliminating fire ants. An ingredient known as Fipronil is the secret. Only licensed applicators are permitted to use this product because its ant-killing potential rests in the soil table where the fire ants live. This professional product ensures fire ants will carry the fire ant killer, Fipronil, throughout the colony to eliminate it. The system of dispersing Fipronil into the soil table presents many more benefits than DIY products because its potency lasts up to one year—much longer than the three to six months offered by the best home products.

How Chorbie Controls Fire Ant Infestations

By protecting your home, eliminating unwanted pests, and improving your quality of life, professional fire ant control like Chorbie’s can help you create a safe, enjoyable experience of your home and yard. Like other professional pest control services, Chorbie is a licensed applicator of Fipronil, but it also puts superior service first. At a competitive price, you can rid your home and yard of troublesome, biting pests for an entire year. We know your property is your investment, and we’re here to help you protect it. Take back comfort and ease from the jaws of unwanted fire ants. Hire a professional fire ant control service provider like Chorbie to rid yourself of painful bites, ruined evenings, and infested property. Contact Chorbie to get started with a system that can chemically eliminate fire ants for up to one year.

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