Fire Ant Control

Most ants are merely annoying, but fire ants can also be dangerous. This aggressive species can damage homes and harm people and pets, and it is estimated that about 20 million people are stung by fire ants each year, often in their own yards. Because fire ants inject venom with their sting, bites are not only painful, but they can potentially cause serious harm, especially to small children, pets, and anyone with an allergy. This is why annual fire ant control service from Chorbie is so important.

Keeping your lawn and landscaping beautiful is only one part of what we do. Pest control is also essential to create a safe environment and maintain your property value. With professional-grade pesticides applied by trained technicians, you can avoid the risks posed by fire ants and enjoy peace of mind every time your kids are playing in the yard or you invite guests for a summer BBQ.

Speedy Fire Ant Control Service

When you find fire ants in your yard, or worse, you stumble across a mound, you obviously want to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible. Our blend of professional-grade insecticides can be applied at any time of year and you’ll enjoy total eradication of fire ants within 30 days of application. What can you expect when you schedule fire ant control service with Chorbie?

  • Application of effective insecticides available to only licensed professionals
  • Products proven effective on millions of lawns in southern states
  • Annual fire ant killer and controller products applied to entire lawn
  • Focus on elimination of current mounds and prevention of new mounds
  • Year-round protection with long-lasting insecticides
  • Free treatment if infestation recurs between annual visits

Our insecticides are deadly to fire ants. The professional-grade products we use are guaranteed to last up to a year after application, whereas consumer brands may only last 3-6 months, at best. When you need quick and lasting results to protect your home and family from fire ants, the trusted professionals at Chorbie do the job right the first time, and every time.

Satisfaction Guarantee

When you’re dealing with dangerous pests like fire ants, you want effective treatments that not only eliminate infestation, but protect against recurrence. At Chorbie, our skilled technicians identify and treat problem areas using professional-grade products that are proven effective and guaranteed to last.

We stand by our fire ant control service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you see any fire ant activity on your property within a year of treatment, we’ll gladly return to re-treat at no additional cost. You’ll also appreciate our fast response times when you call with a fire ant emergency, and our billing and payment options are easy and convenient.

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