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How To Identify German Roaches

How To Identify German Roaches

The German roach, an uninvited creepy crawler, never fails to spontaneously make itself at home everywhere. This type of roach is a common pest in homes, yet it is commonly mistaken for other roach species. For this reason, knowing how to identify German roaches can really make the difference for homeowners in keeping a pest-free home.

Getting To Know The German Roach

Among the several types of cockroaches, the German roach happens to be the most common type worldwide. This species is known for invading institutional facilities: restaurants, food processing facilities, hotels, and the like. However, it’s important to keep in mind they can find your home just as accommodating as you do.

Their Shape And Color

  • Since this species of roaches can be confused with others, identifying the German cockroach early on will make getting rid of the process smoother and quicker.
  • From a physical point, you can identify them by looking for a light brown to tan color.
  • Coupled with that they sport two dark and almost parallel stripes from underneath their head down their back.
  • The first feature of theirs you’ll notice is their shape though, which bears the most resemblance to an oval.

Physical Features

As do other roaches, the German roach has two antennae that guide them and gathers information for them to comprehend. They have six legs to help them move throughout your home, and their body grows to be 1/2 – 5/8 inches. If you’re trying to distinguish a male from a female, an easy distinction is that males tend to be a lighter shade than their female counterparts.

German Roach Tendencies

A roach’s more fear striking feature tends to be its wings. Thankfully, while German roaches do have wings, they rarely chose to use them and opt to run a majority of the time. Another one of their preferences is living near a source of food and moisture, meaning that they enjoy warm and humid areas. This means when going on the hunt for these little critters the bathroom and kitchen are the best places to start.

Don’t Allow German Roaches To Live Where They Don’t Belong!

When left to their own endeavors, a couple of German roaches can quickly and easily turn into an infestation and Chorbie knows that well. Chorbie also knows how to get your home back to its peaceful self and repel the creepy crawlers. So, whenever you’re ready contact us today for proper prevention and treatment for your home to keep these roaches out for good!

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