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How to Identify and Get Rid of Fire Ants

How to identify and get rid of fire ants

When it comes to ants, some are peskier than others, and the last group of ants you want to build a mound in your yard are fire ants. Fire ant mounds can be the most dangerous of all, they are very aggressive when it comes to defending their territory and they have the weapons to do so. If a fire ant mound is disturbed, the ants will rush out to attack, so you want to approach them with care and precision.

The Fire Ant Habitat

To protect your beautiful lawn, your children, your pets and you, we help you identify fire ant mounds from other ants so you can quickly get rid of them before issues occur. Thankfully, fire ant mounds have telltale signs that allow you to pinpoint them so you can eradicate them fast (or call Chorbie to do so). Here so are of the most common identifiers for fire ant mounds:

  • Size is the biggest factor, anything larger than a softball is typically a fire ant mound.
  • Fire ants exit and enter through holes around the perimeter of the mound, whereas other ants dig holes in the ground and move the dirt to different locations right around the nest.
  • Fire ants are excavators, they naturally push the ground up.
  • Fire ant mounds typically want support and are built around trees, structures, shrubs, sidewalks, and driveways. But do not be fooled, they can just as easily be found in the middle of the yard.

Why Are Fire Ants Different Than Other Ants

Fire ants differ from other ants, like Argentine, Big-Headed and Pavement ants because of their mound size and aggression. Fire ants use their mound for breeding and laying eggs and can have multiple queens living in the mound, this explains the large size and the quick growth of the mound. Fire ants are also more dangerous than other species of ants do to their venomous bite. These differences explain the inconvenience of finding fire ants in your yard and why you want to get rid of them sooner than later.

Get Rid Of Fire Ants, Once And For All

You can purchase an over-the-counter ant killer solution at your local hardware store; unfortunately, this will only get rid of the mound, not the ants. Chorbie wants to help you rid fire ants from your lawn for good, our preventative solution inhibits fire ants from taking a hold of your yard and creating habitats. The products are strong enough to be preventative and last for a year from application. Our goal is to protect you from the painful bites and unsightly mounds in your lawn! Call Chorbie today if you have identified fire ant mounds and we will help you get rid of them quickly.

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