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How Fire Ants Impact Your Home

How fire ants impact your home

Nobody likes intruders of any sort in their home. Especially when they come in mass numbers and can sting you if you don’t agree with them. What we’re talking about today are fire ants and how they impact your home.

Fire ants are a common sighting here in Texas, and can be a great threat to your home in more ways than just one. Today we’re going to go how you can prevent this really hazardous threat. If you need help identifying fire ants around your home click here for some insightful tips! The best way to protect your home? Call the experts!

Fire Ants Cause Damage To Your Home

While fire ants are a major issue to your health, they can cause a great deal of damage to your home too. They destroy your plants, eat your crops, and can even cut your phone call with your mom short. Let’s just take a look at the many ways fire ants impact your home.

Fire Ants Eat Away at Plants

If you have a green thumb fire ants could potentially destroy your plants and become an infestation. These types of ants love to get their hands on organic life. They venture into flower beds and vegetable gardens seeking warmth, moisture, and food sources. Having a garden, lawn, backyard or anything along those lines, you’re not invulnerable to the threat, you’re more at risk.


How fire ants impact your home

Fire Ants Go After Your Crops

When it comes to crops, fire ants burrow tunnels underneath agricultural crops. Once they do this, they go straight through the base of young plant stalks. Whenever they get past the crops and into your home they can attack your health through your pantry. As soon as ants get into the home they tend to make your supply of food, part of their own being a huge nuisance.

Fire Ants Destroy Your Home’s Utilities

Fire ants can impact your home in a serious hazard as they pose the ability to cause an electrical malfunction. They’ll get into electrical machinery like air conditioners and around telephone wiring and so on. When things like this malfunction you place yourself at a greater risk of financial loss and fire hazard.

How fire ants impact your home

Almost Like Termites

Not fire ants, but carpenter ants tear through wood creating tunnels and nests. Carpenter ants are black, dark brown, red and black, yellow or red coloration. These ants sometimes are mistaken for termites given their abilities. This makes ants even more problematic.

Fire ants are not harmless and are no roommates to any household. They are a cause for concern given that they’re very detrimental and hazardous to a home. When they are spotted, the problem they present should be addressed immediately. Don’t wait and put yourself and your finances at risk. The damage that fire ants can cause can be very pricey.

Chorbie experts are always on standby waiting for the next opportunity to lend a helping hand in anything needed. Especially helping dispose of these pesky problems!


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