Mosquito Control

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Mosquitos are not only annoying, they can also be hazardous to your health, which is why it’s so important to control this vector on your property. Don’t let swarms of mosquitos ruin your summer BBQs or evenings spent enjoying outdoor living spaces with your family. Forego the itchy bites with Chorbie’s mosquito control service.
Whether you choose ongoing service or one-time treatments to rid your home of these pests in time for a special event, you’ll enjoy relatively mosquito-free environs for up to a month following each professionals treatment application. What will you gain when you partner with Chorbie for targeted and effective mosquito control service?

Precision Mosquito Control Service

Blood-sucking mosquitos can leave you covered with itchy, annoying, and unsightly welts every time you walk outdoors, if you let them proliferate. Instead of resigning yourself to a summer spent wistfully watching the outside world from your window, let Chorbie rid your property of mosquitos so you can enjoy the warm, summer weather with your family and friends. What can you expect from our targeted and effective mosquito treatments?
  • Professional assessment to pinpoint key areas of infestation
  • Recommendations for treatment, including any areas that require special attention, such as mosquito breeding grounds
  • Administration of liquid insecticide using a gas-powered, misting, backpack sprayer for precision application
  • Treatment of landscaping, including plants, tree foliage, easements, and breeding areas
  • Mosquitos killed on contact and repelling effects lasting 21-30 days
  • Weather-resistant product that won’t be blown or washed away
It’s important to understand that our mosquito control service significantly reduces mosquito activity on your property, but may not eliminate the presence of mosquitos completely, as swarms often originate in other areas, such as nearby wooded areas or ponds, for example. The best way to rid your yard of mosquitos is to encourage neighbors to seek mosquito control service from Chorbie, as well. This allows us the greatest opportunity to address mosquito populations in and around your property.

Guaranteed Results With Regular Treatment

Our goal at Chorbie is always to improve the lives or our customers, whether that means helping you to maintain lush and healthy landscaping, adding convenience to your daily routine, or boosting your curb appeal and property value. Eliminating pests is just one of the many services we offer to make your yard more beautiful and functional.
With our seasonal monthly application of insecticide that kills on contact and repels mosquitos for up to a month, you’ll enjoy instant reduction of mosquito activity on your property, as well as continuous protection. We also offer the option for one-time treatment, say if you have a special event coming up and you want to rid your yard of mosquitos beforehand.
With our satisfaction guarantee, we’ll reapply the product for free if you don’t see a reduction in mosquito activity.  With fast response times and easy billing and payment options, Chorbie is the partner you need when mosquitos swarm your yard.
They are Very Professional.
Mahesh S.,

Chorbie is one of the best that I have seen in my area. They are very professional. Best part is you don’t have to follow them by calling or mailing for things to be done.

The Process is Seamless.
Laura C.,

Matt Sanders and Michael Bridges are the techs. We’ve been very happy since we switched vendors. Chorbie calls us with reminders, sends emails on what was done, posts photos of our lawn to confirm, charges our credit card. The process is seamless.

So Worth It!
Jonathan M,

Chorbie handles all my weed control and fertilizing and they do an excellent job! It saves me so much time and energy ensuring the products are put down correctly throughout the year. Also, they charge about what it would cost if I did it on my own. SO WORTH IT! Thank you so much! 👍👍

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