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How To Prune A Rose Bush

How to prune a rosebush

Landscaping can make or break the appearance of your home in any setting. For homeowners, one of the most favorite yard plants is the rose bush. Having a properly kept rose bush adds a stunning look to the outside of your home. As desirable as they are, rose bushes must be maintained and pruned correctly. Keeping your rose bushes well kept ensures they look as beautiful as you could hope. We are here to teach you the basics of how to prune a rose bush, these tips can give even an inexperienced gardener a worthy outcome.

Closeup of gardeners hand in protective gloves with garden pruner making spring pruning of rose bush

Steps To Prune A Rose Bush

Rose pruning is generally done in winter, prior to the bud break. It is important to know if you have old roses or heirloom roses, they bloom on the previous year’s growth. This means all pruning should be after flowering. After determining when to prune, here are the steps to prune a rose bush effectively:

  • Start by ensuring you have the proper safety equipment, a good set of gloves is necessary, bypass shears to make clean cuts and sleeves to protect from rose bush thorns.
  • Begin by removing all remaining leaves as this grants you the ability to see the structure and stems of the bush.
  • Next, cut any dead wood or dead stems that you see all the way back to the base, you’ll know it is dead when you cut into it and it’s brown, obviously green stems mean living.
  • Then, open up the center of the plant after removing the dead pieces, as you do this remove any weak growth you see or any growth thinner than a pencil.
  • Next, prune the remaining canes by cutting one-fourth to a half above an outward-facing bud. You want your cuts at a 45-degree angle, sloping away from the bud, this allows water to run off.
  • After, seal up any fresh cuts on the canes to protect them from rose borers and rot.
  • Lastly, clean up the surrounding area, especially on the bottom of leaves and branches, as disease and pests could occur there.

How We Can Help

Though rose pruning bushes can take some time, it is definitely a worthwhile process. Rose pruning is a guaranteed way to make sure you have beautiful flowers in your yard. After you finish pruning, don’t forget to feed your roses! Roses are big eaters and need good nutrition to grow healthy! Not having the time, tools, or expertise to take care of or prune your rose bushes is no problem. Give Chorbie a call today! We are happy to help with all your landscaping needs to ensure you have the beautiful home you desire.

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