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When Should I Hire A Lawn Aeration Service?

When should i hire a lawn aeration service?

When To Get an Aeration

You may have heard about the lawn service called aeration. More than likely, your lawn care company has told you that your soil needs to be aerated. There are some cases where an aeration is necessary and will help your grass grow healthier and quicker. It is important to know precisely when and why it is needed, so you are benefitting your lawn and not having a pointless service performed. Below, we’ll give you the purpose behind an aeration and tools to know when it is right for you.

Why Do You Need An Aeration?

The main reason to get an aeration is to correct soil compaction. Soil compaction hinders soil drainage and discourages nutrients from moving throughout your yard. There can be many causes when it comes to compacted soil. Here are a few common ones that our Chorbie experts see regularly:

● Too much traffic. We love our kids and pets, but their little feet can press on the ground, causing soil compaction. Some of the other culprits can be your lawn mowing company, you doing weekly yard chores, parked cars, and garbage cans.

● Soil type can also affect soil compaction. Smaller particles of soil have less space between them, causing less room for water and nutrient absorption. It also makes it more difficult for roots to spread. Clay soil is a particular soil you have to watch out for when it comes to issues with compaction.

The Thumb Test: An Easy Soil Compaction Test

If you want to check the soil for yourself, try the thumb test. If your thumb easily sinks into the soil, you do not need aeration. (Be sure to test in multiple areas of your lawn.) If your thumb does not sink easily into the soil, it is time to schedule an aeration service.

You can also visually scan your lawn for signs of soil compaction. Other signs of soil compaction include short or slow-growing grass, thin lawn density even in full sunlight, the soil being lighter in color than normal, and the soil is hard even when wet.

Try the thumb test or call Chorbie if you notice these things occurring in your lawn.

How And When To Get An Aeration

The easiest way to get an aeration performed is to call Chorbie to have the service scheduled. We are happy to confirm your need for an aeration and perform it properly. If you would like to do it yourself, you can rent an aerator from a local equipment store. We recommend getting your lawn aerated at least once every two years, annually if you have high traffic on your turf.

Our goal at Chorbie is to help you have the most healthy and beautiful lawn. Give us a call today to understand what is best for your lawn and receive an estimate!

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