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Weekly Vs. Biweekly Mowing

Weekly vs. biweekly mowing

Many people want to understand how often they should mow their lawn and why the frequency is necessary; the experts at Chorbie are here to help. Before diving into our recommendations, you should know there are multiple factors to consider when deciding what is best for your lawn, encompassing both the health and the appearance of your grass.

Why Weekly Mowing Is Preferred To Biweekly Mowing

So, to mow weekly or bi-weekly? We prefer weekly mowing over bi-weekly mowing due to the curb appeal of mowed grass and the health effects of more frequent mowing. Some issues we encounter with bi-weekly mowing include:

  • Browning of the lawn. After a bi-weekly mow, your lawn is susceptible to shock and possible permanent damage from the dramatic cut.
  • An overgrown appearance in your lawn. Everyone wants their home to look beautiful inside and out. When taking too long to mow, the grass can become overgrown and make your yard seem as if it is not taken care of.
  • Longer grass in your yard takes longer to cut. It’s that simple.
  • Mower damage could occur if there are objects in the yard you cannot see.

The biggest issue we see at Chorbie is bi-weekly mowed properties are less healthy than weekly-mowed properties. When grass grows upward to capture sunlight, it competes against neighboring grass; therefore, it has to expend more energy and nutrients to build sturdier stalks and transport water. This action detracts from the energy the plant could be used to grow deeper roots and spread horizontally to create a more dense lawn. Mowing frequently encourages the grass to not waste energy on growing taller; it redirects the grass to grow deeper roots! Deep grassroots allow for your grass to draw water lying in hidden, deeper parts of the soil.

Our Recommendation For A Beautiful Lawn

Do not remove too much of the green grass blade, because leaving behind just the bare, brown stalk of grass can cause unnecessary stress. Our best practice is to not remove more than ⅓ of the grass’ leaf blade during each mow. If you do not have the time or resources to mow weekly, give Chorbie a call, and we can provide you an estimate for the service. We offer bi-weekly mowing but encourage weekly mowing for the overall health and appearance of your lawn.

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