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The Benefits Of A Lawn Aeration Service

The benefits of a lawn aeration service

Whether you’re a homeowner who casually takes care of their lawn or a new homeowner who wants to help their grass grow most efficiently, it’s never too late or too soon to consider a lawn aeration. Today, Chorbie is going to help you better understand what an aeration is and the benefits it offers to your lawn.

Soil Compaction – The Reason For A Lawn Aeration

When soil isn’t loose, it’s considered compacted. This is one of the more severe levels of lawn care. Think of an overpacked elevator. It’s hard to move around and get air when you’re overly cramped. When soil is compacted, you’re essentially starving your grass, minimizing water levels, nutrients, and fresh air. When water can’t evenly spread throughout your land, this creates water retention leaving you with soggy and soft grass.

Some of the consequences of soil compaction include:

  • The grass dying from dehydration.
  • Short and thin grass.
  • Lack of grass density.
  • Bare and thin patches in turf.
  • The foundation of the home can be affected.

How An Aeration Service Can Help

Now that we know why a lawn aeration service is necessary, let’s talk about the aeration process. An aeration service uses a large machine called an aerator to insert small holes into the ground. This action loosens the soil so vital nutrients can get into the land and spread out evenly. As a result, the root system gets a boost, and your grass remains healthy.

Tips When Using An Aeration Service

  1. Aerate your lawn at least once every two years.
  2. If you have high traffic on your turf, we recommend getting an aeration performed annually.
  3. For optimal soil health, add topsoil, sand, or peat moss into the holes after the aeration to improve soil nutrient levels.

How Do I Get An Aeration?

You could rent an aerator from a local hardware store, but the machine is clunky and can be hard to move. Therefore, we recommend calling a local lawn care company. It should be noted that Chorbie does not use an aerator. Rather, our company is using the latest science to provide a liquid aeration service. The good news is that whether you choose an aerator or our service, you can guarantee that your lawn is going to benefit from an aeration service.

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