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Tips For Keeping Palm Trees Healthy In Winter

Tips For Keeping Palm Trees Healthy In Winter

Palm trees aren’t exactly a common sight in Texas. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful outside look with them. Anything is possible with a little creativity and imagination. To prove that theory, many homeowners here in the DFW area have yards sporting beautiful palm trees that create a masterpiece landscape. Heading into winter, we wanted to share our top tips on how to keep palm trees healthy this season for homeowners caring for them.

Preparation Is Everything

When caring for your palm trees in the winter there are a few simple and easy things to keep in mind. First off, one of the best ways to keep your palm tree healthy in the colder months is by preparing it properly prior. Preparation is key.

Fertilizer Your Winter Palm Trees

It’s very beneficial to use fertilizer in assisting your palm tree’s growth before winter. Doing this can overall improve the tree’s cold-hardiness. This creates a far stronger tree to take on the coming harsh elements that accompany the temperature drop resulting in a healthy and strong palm tree. A safe, effective product for this is Texas Greensand, a natural material that is high in Potassium, which is the plant essential nutrient that can make a big impact on cold hardiness.

Physical Protection

  • You can provide your palm tree with physical protection from the cold weather. This is done by covering the palm tree with a heavy frost blank made for horticultural uses or just by using a simple and regular blanket or sheet.
  • Support the covering with stakes to ensure it stays in place and continuously provides protection as intended.
  • On top of this, you can even wrap the trunk of the palm tree in burlap to further protect it. However, it is important to know that there really isn’t a way to protect the head of the palm tree from harsh weather.
  • If you happen to be growing your palm tree in a container then you have the advantage here and can simply pick it up and move it indoors.

Don’t Let Your Palm Tree Freeze!

  • Be sure to take it indoors before the first freeze occurs. Afterward, only bring it back out once the threat of all frost passes over. When storing it inside, make sure to place it in an area with a bright and indirect light.
  • If you end up dealing with the damage done by the cold temperatures there is also some tips to know. If the palm tree’s fronds brown, just wait until after any additional cold weather passes through before you remove the fronds so they can serve as a sort of insulation.
  • Once time has passed and you begin the process of removing the brown fronds, do so by using a pruning saw cleaned with rubbing alcohol so you don’t spread any plant diseases.
  • During this process, you should know that if you don’t see any green at the leaf stalk’s base then it’s more than likely the palm tree won’t make a recovery.

Call The Experts

Having palm trees in your home’s landscape can really give off a unique vibe that is hard to find in Texas. Managing them in this cold weather can be a little tricky, but with the help of Chorbie we can make it easy. Give us a call today to get started taking care of your palm tree in the best way this winter so it comes out in the next season thriving!

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