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Tips For Keeping Trees And Shrubs Healthy In Winter

Tips For Keeping Trees And Shrubs Healthy In Winter

Our trees and shrubs are soon to be in their dormant stage for the winter so they can survive through the constant harsh temperatures. Although they will be in this dormant stage, there are steps homeowners need to take to ensure their plants are properly taken care of. Below we are going to share some reliable and helpful tips on how to keep your trees and shrubs healthy during the winter season.

Winter Plant Maintenance

Winter conditions can be stressful for trees and shrubs. This is especially true for newly planted or even young trees and shrubs. This is because these younger plants lack the much-need mature defense mechanisms for the upcoming sharp temperature drop. These defense mechanisms are things you’ll find in older trees like a wide and spreading root system and thick bark. Due to this fact, knowing how to properly protect your trees during winter can be extremely beneficial.

Give Your Trees And Shrubs The Perfect Start

  • One way to set your trees and shrubs up for success even earlier than winter is by mulching in the late fall or early winter.
  • This layer of mulch serves as an insulator for your plants, and protects them from the extreme outdoor temperatures winter brings, while also slowing water loss from the soil.
  • Make sure not to pile it up all around the trunk. Instead, you should spread a thick and even layer out surrounding the base of the tree.
  • In addition to this, make sure to keep your plants and shrubs well-watered throughout fall and up until the point that your ground freezes.

Other Winter Issue To Be Aware Of

  • Pests can be a problem for trees and shrubs throughout the winter season but can be mostly prevented. A very efficient way of doing this is through Chorbie’s Tree and Shrub care service. Our winter application will include dormant oil, which will help control overwintering insects. Our other applications (5 apps/year) also include fertilizer, fungicide, and insecticides chosen to provide protection for the landscape plants.
  • Rabbits and moles specifically love to chew on the bark of younger trees, leading to the imminent death of your plant if left untreated. You can stop this by wrapping the tree trunk with plastic tree guards beginning at the bottom and working your way up.
  • You can also use chicken wire. If you live by any deer, this will stop them from rubbing against your trees. You shouldn’t have to worry about this as much with older, more mature trees. Their bark develops fissures that cause critters to stop chewing on their bark.

Prune To Perfection

Lastly, one of the best things you can do to take care of your trees and shrubs in the cold winter months is pruning.

  • Winter provides the best opportunity for this task too, as well making it a great chore for your tree to really capitalize off of.
  • Without any leaves in the way, you can easily see the trees and shrub’s structures. This makes cutting much easier and more precise.
  • Pruning during the dormant stage can also play a role in helping prevent diseases from spreading in your plants since disease organisms remain dormant too.

Work With Chorbie On Your Winter Trees And Shrubs

Winter can be a tough season for many of us that don’t take to the cold weather easily. Regardless, it is still a great season to make changes in the life of your trees and shrubs. Chorbie is here to make taking care of these tasks efficient and easy for our local homeowners. Contact us today to get started down the right path to a better and brighter future for all the plant life on your property.

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