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Winter Tree Trimming: Why It’s The Best Time

Winter Tree Trimming: Why It’s The Best Time

This winter the number of outside chores will reduce in comparison to those in warmer months. Regardless, this is still a good season to get things done. In doing so, you can conquer tasks that would pose more of a challenge in other seasons. The task we are talking about is winter tree trimming and why it is unbeatable in this season compared to others! On top of that, equipping yourself with the knowledge of all the most important tips surrounding tree trimming can be vastly beneficial.

Winter Tree Trimming Advantages

Winter may seem like the season that lawn and landscaping chores come to a complete halt. However, in reality, this is not true for tree trimming. Tree trimming in the winter is arguably one of the best times to do it and for good reason.

Ease Of Identifying Issues On The Job

  • Frigid temperatures that set in means that the foliage on the tree will begin to fall off
  • Once this starts to happen, identifying any branches growing incorrectly, damaged, or simply needing cut is much easier.
  • There is also less mess without leaves constantly in your way.

Lower Chance Of Getting Equipment Stuck

  • Also, for heavy-duty jobs that require bringing in heavy equipment to get the job done winter is perfect as well
  • During this time the ground can freeze and harden, greatly lessening the chance of getting stuck. Allowing for getting the equipment to the tree and making it much more doable.

Dormancy and Pests

  • Trees go dormant in the winter too. So instead of focusing their energy on other activities, they are completely shut down.
  • While in this stage making cuts and pruning where needed fits perfectly with winter.
  • Additionally, just like the trees, pests are more dormant in the winter too. Now when making a cut you are far less likely to run into insects that can act as a vector for disease transmission.

Trimming For Gains and Knowing When

  • Just like with a lot of other prepping we do in our lawns, this time of year you can expect a robust and healthy spring turnout if you trim properly.
  • Getting rid of all the unnecessary or burdening branches in the tree allows it to use that energy it would’ve used on those parts elsewhere. Overall, leading to increased growth and less wasted energy.
  • It’s important to note, not every tree in the winter needs to be trimmed, and knowing the difference between the two is important for homeowners,
  • If you’re wondering if a tree in your yard needs trimming this winter, call an expert and get professional advice so you don’t risk your tree’s health.

Going About Tree Trimming The Best Way

Tree trimming in your lawn this winter can be very beneficial if handled in the correct and precise manner. Don’t go at it alone, let us here at Chorbie make your lawn care and landscaping chores a breeze. Contact us today for more information about how we can assist you in your lawn for a brighter future.

Take on your tree trimming responsibilities confidently by knowing what mistakes to avoid!


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