Total Shrub Care Service

The shrubs and ornamental trees outside of your home truly add to the beauty and design of your lawn. Shrubs make up a large portion of your home’s landscaping and it is imperative to keep them disease-free and growing healthy.

Chorbie offers a shrub service to ensure each and every part of your yard is attended to. Even if you enjoy taking care of your plants, we want to assist you in combating diseases and pests on your landscape plants.

The Need for a Shrub Service is Real

Plants add curb appeal and truly freshen up your home’s exterior, but they are living organisms that are prone to diseases and pests. Hiring a landscaper does not mean you are giving up the reins to designing your dream yard, you simply are bringing in the experts to ensure your yard is healthy for years to come. The ongoing cost of your shrub service is based on bed size, type of plant materials, and height of shrubs.

What to Expect

Chorbie’s total shrub care service addresses the main issues when planting in the DFW area, including poor soil, construction damage, drought insects, and disease along with improper planting techniques and inadequate soil fertility. When we service your home we apply the correct products based on what is needed, this may include ornamental insect control, organic kelp, natural and synthetic fertilizers, and preventative disease control for your specific species of tree or shrub. This shrub care service includes:

  • An initial evaluation by a Chorbie landscape expert and advice from our resident licensed arborist.
  • Five applications a year of the necessary products to support your trees and shrubs.
  • A detailed email outlined the work performed at your property.

It is important to understand, we are not simply spraying your shrubs. We evaluate them and make ongoing recommendations based on the health and aesthetics of your plants.*

Enhance the Service with Our Ornamental Tree Add-On

For an additional cost, you can add our Ornamental Tree service (separate from our Total Tree Care service). This add-on is for all trees above 12’ tall as well as other smaller, evergreen, and flowering trees. We apply fertilizer, soil builder and a root injected systemic insecticide. Addresses common pests and adds nutrients for growth and vitality. This ideal for Crepe Myrtle, Vitex, Yaupon Holly, Tree form Holly).

Additional Services to Consider

Bush and Bed Maintenance: A customized service that cleans up fallen leaves, trims shrubs, removes plants and weeds, and more in landscaping.

Mulch Installation: Adds a layer of mulch to protect plant roots from weather, retains moisture for use during periods of low rainfall, removes weeds that compete for resources in landscapes.

Flower Bed Weed Control: A recurring service that sprays for weeds in landscaping. Technicians used pinpoint spraying tools to target weeds, not valuable shrubs and plants. Over time, fewer weeds will appear in the landscaping.

Total Tree Care: A recurring root injection to improve the soil and promote optimum growing conditions of existing hard bark trees.

Get Started with Chorbie

You can either fill out the contact form at the top of this page or call Chorbie at (972) 697-5221. Our team will reach out to set up your account and understand your household needs. There are no contracts with any of our services. We look forward to serving you!

*This service does not guarantee that a shrub or ornamental tree will not get a disease or pest infestation. Our program tackles as many of the common issues as possible. Some diseases will require removal/replacement. It is not the responsibility of Chorbie to replace shrubs, ornamental trees, or other plants, neither while participating in the program nor following cancellation, unless the problem is related to Chorbie’s workmanship.


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