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The Three Best Flowers for Spring in North Texas

The three best flowers for spring in north texas

After a long winter season, many homeowners want to brighten up their landscapes with spring flowers. Spring is the traditional time to plant flowers so you can gain the maximum aesthetic benefit for the cost and effort, but you may run into issues and be unsure about which flowers to select. Here, we offer our expert insight into planting flowers for spring in North Texas.

Common Issues With Non-Spring Flowers

For plants, spring is essentially March to May. Nevertheless, some big-box retailers will still have flowers for sale in spring that are at the end of their seasonal cycle. This leads to confusion for the homeowner and purchaser who wants to enjoy their flowers throughout the spring season. For example, we often see pansies (and other winter flowers) mixed with other spring flowers at these big-box retailers. Unfortunately, they wither under the temperatures of unpredictable spring days, and they have almost no chance of making it to summer.

Three Spring Flowers For North Texas

To avoid this common mistake of planting the wrong flowers for the season, we offer our top three selections for spring flowers in North Texas for their color and their robust ability to make it to summer.

  1. Petunias. These flowers will last into early summer and even longer in containers where they cascade beautifully. Typically coming in red, purple, white, and pink, there are many variations available for this lovely top pick.
  2. Snapdragons. An Easter staple, these spring flowers come in a gorgeous yellow and other colors. They can survive to flower again in the fall under the right conditions, and they make a great addition to a working garden.
  3. Dianthus. This sure-fire spring flower can often survive through the summer in a dormant state and bloom again in the fall. Often coming in reds and pinks, this variety is a powerful way to ring in a Spring look in your yard.

There are a few more flowers that deserve an honorable mention, such as cyclamen and dusty miller. In particular, the dusty miller can be part of both winter and spring displays.

How Chorbie Can Help

Chorbie offers the installation of seasonal color through its Bush and Bed program. We can remove existing plants, prep the soil, plant, and water your new spring flowers. We can also recommend landscaping improvements for a fresh seasonal look. Contact Chorbie to get started with a flower bed preparation that gives you beauty and brings you the benefits of a well-tended yard so you can have an attractive atmosphere for spring.

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