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The Benefits Of Installing Sod In North Texas

The benefits of installing sod in north texas

A beautiful lawn of lush, green grass is one of the most coveted elements for any home. It evokes a sense of pride and adds immeasurable curb appeal. While there are multiple options to achieve this look, sod has quickly jumped to the forefront for its level of ease and many benefits. Not only does this option quickly deliver the desired aesthetic, but it also allows homeowners to bypass concerns such as erosion. Let’s talk about the benefits of installing sod in North Texas.

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Installing Sod Vs. Seeding A Lawn

While seeding is certainly a viable option for your lawn when installing sod, it often comes with hours, days, and even weeks of backbreaking work to prepare and cultivate new grass. After dedicating so much time and energy, it would be nice to reap some immediate rewards. Instead, you’ll wait several days more for the seeds to germinate and visible signs of growth to appear. Furthermore, seeding is washed away by rain or irrigation, requiring homeowners to double up on their hard work.

Fortunately, sod offers a way to avoid much of the tedious work involved with seeding. The roughly 2.67 square foot patches come having already been germinated and held together by a thin layer of soil on the bottom. There is also no risk that your newly established grass will wash away with the next heavy rain.

Sod Helps Protect Soil

In addition to its speed and ease overseeding, the sod comes with a myriad of other benefits for the health and longevity of your lawn. Among the many additional perks of installing sod’s are it’s abilities to:

  • Act as a form of erosion control by providing a permanent cover on exposed soils
  • Help minimize the velocity of stormwater runoff
  • Provide instant vegetative cover for critical areas and areas that wouldn’t otherwise be vegetated by seed
  • Steady channels or swales that convey concentrated flows and can reduce flow velocities

Sod Acts A Natural Filter

Still, need a reason to consider installing sod? If the speed, ease, longevity, and soil protection aren’t enough to convince you, consider some of the helpful filtration properties that it provides. From cleansing the air to reducing allergies, this lawn option truly goes above and beyond. North Texas homeowners who choose sod can count on some little known but impressive benefits such as:

  • Filtration of dirt and dust from the yard to help eliminate mud
  • Absorption of carbon dioxide and release of oxygen to keep the air clean and fresh around the home
  • Absorption gaseous pollutants and trapping of particulate matter, helping to clean the air and reduce allergic responses
  • Lawn areas that cool the air as the water evaporates from the blades of grass
  • Absorbing as much as 50% of the sun’s heat falling on the turf which is then eliminated through transpiration

Sod Your North Texas Lawn

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Professionally installed sod gives homeowners a yard that is both healthy and gorgeous. Whether you choose to sod warm-season grass like Bermuda, or cold-season grass like Fescue, your lawn will be sure to catch the attention of neighbors and visitors alike. Why hassle with more time-consuming and frustrating options when you could enjoy the beauty, ease, and many benefits of a sodded lawn right away? To get a quote on installing sod on your property, Contact Chorbie at (972) 697-5221 or visit our Sod Installation page for more information.

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