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5 Reasons To Love Weekly Mowing

5 reasons to love weekly mowing

Every year homeowners aspire to keep their lawns looking perfect and crisp. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps improve curb appeal and overall home value. A perfect, crisp lawn requires maintenance, including mowing. Keeping up with a weekly lawn mowing routinely has many perks and benefits that make it a crucial part of any lawn maintenance regimen.

Why Homeowners Love Weekly Mowing

There’s nothing quite like a lush green yard. But, is all the mowing needed for the perfect yard really worth it? Here are five reasons why homeowners love weekly mowing to take care of their lawn and keep it at its best.

Creating A Stronger Yard

  • Weekly mowing makes the grass in your yard stronger. When you keep the grass cut to the preferred length for the type of grass in your yard, you can expect positive results. Cutting the grass stops the horizontal growth of each blade. This causes it to grow thicker at the base, making for heartier blades of grass.

Building A Healthier Yard

  • When you mow your yard weekly, the healthiest grass shoots will flourish. However, the weak shoots will be left behind. The more regularly you cut your lawn, the fewer weak shoots you will have, improving the overall health of your yard.

Crafting An Inviting Lawn

  • Routine mowing can also give your yard a more inviting look. This is because weekly mowing keeps your grass growing at an even pace. This will help keep your lawn from turning patchy and uneven. Keeping your grass growing at the same pace also helps increase overall growth since there is even distribution and absorption of resources.

Reducing Thatch

  • Mowing your lawn every week means that the leftover grass clippings are shorter. This is helpful for several reasons. If you use the clippings as mulch, the shorter clippings are more nutrient-dense. They also break down quicker, leaving less thatch build up in the yard. Thatch in excessive quantities can lead to disease, insects, poor absorption of water and nutrients, and can even choke your grass.

Pest Prevention

  • A well-maintained yard with routine weekly mowing is far less susceptible for pests to take control. A healthy kept lawn is always a great defense in keeping pests out. Mowing your lawn weekly achieves this and ultimately means there’s less chance for pests to create more issues for you.

Every Yard Has Potential

Every homeowner’s yard has potential with a bit of TLC. Make sure you mow your lawn weekly so that your lawn doesn’t miss out on living up to its full potential. Chorbie experts are here to assist in any way possible for any of your home landscaping and lawn care needs. Contact us today at (972) 697-5221 or online to get more information about how we can help you manage your lawn and achieve the results you’re looking for.

Our Clients Love Weekly Mowing!

I’ve been with Chorbie since April 2015, so exactly 5 years now. They’ve done everything from my weekly mowing, to mulch and sod installations, to monthly mosquito spraying (in the spring/summer) and installing a wifi-based sprinkler management system. I highly recommend them!

-Andrew R.


Just moved here from out of state. This service has been a lifesaver! In just a few short weeks, I was able to schedule lawn mowing, pest control, window washing and multiple trips of junk removal from the move. They are friendly, reliable, affordable and so convenient. We will be long term customers.

– Hailey G.


Chorbie has been treating our yard since we moved in 2 years ago. It wasn’t in great shape when we got here and looks fantastic now!

-Amanda B.

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