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Bagging Vs. Mulching: What To Do With Lawn Clippings

Bagging vs. mulching: what to do with lawn clippings

The process of mowing your lawn naturally creates lawn clippings. While your lawnmower probably came with a catch-bag to collect these lawn clippings, you may not be sure whether or not you should use it. We’ll answer this question by comparing the pros and cons of bagging and mulching grass clippings.

The Benefits Of Bagging Your Grass Clippings

Bagging your grass clippings has several benefits over mulching the grass clippings.

  1. Bagging your clippings minimizes grass pollen and allergens around your property.
  2. Generally speaking, bagging grass clippings will leave a cleaner-looking lawn that prevents thatch buildup.
  3. Bagging your lawn can limit “choke-out” of dense and overgrown yards. This happens when grass gets too little sunlight, water, and air due to debris.

Bagging your grass clippings comes with these benefits in exchange for more time and effort or a higher price if you use a lawn mowing service.

The Benefits Of Mulching Your Grass Clippings

When mowing the lawn, you are presented with the option to bag or mulch the grass clippings. Choosing to use these clippings as mulch can help your plants grow. The added benefits of mulching mentioned below should also be considered.

  1. Generally speaking, mulching grass clippings takes less time and effort than bagging a lawn.
  2. When mulched, grass clippings can serve as micronutrients and fertilizer for the grass.
  3. Often, mulching costs less than bagging when you use a lawn mowing service. Because of the time factor, bagging a lawn often comes with a surcharge in addition to the mowing service.

TLDR; Bagging Vs. Mulching Grass Clippings

How do bagging and mulching grass clippings compare? Bagging lawn clippings helps to lower allergens and keeps your grass looking clean. It also increases the health of dense lawns. However, bagging also costs a little more than mulching, and it limits the amount of natural fertilizer you get from decaying grass clippings. Mulching also has the advantage of being more cost-effective and eco-friendly because sending clippings to the landfill has a negative impact.

How Chorbie Can Help

Very similar to other lawn mowing companies, Chorbie offers mulched and bagged cuts for weekly mowing customers, bringing you all the benefits for whichever path you decide is best for your lawn and budget. When we bag, we dispose of grass clippings using paper waste disposal bags to encourage composting to protect the environment. We’ll leave the bags at your property for the city to collect (free of charge) or for you to use freely as fertilizer or compost.

Contact Chorbie today to get started on your lawn mowing service.

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