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Best Tips For Watering Your Lawn

Best tips for watering your lawn

Getting your lawn the proper amount of water is vital to winning your uphill battle with lawn maintenance and continuing to keep your grass healthy. Living in Texas means your lawn is going to endure some extremely hot temperatures, making watering that much more important. Below you will find some of our best lawn watering tips to assist you in meeting all your lawn care needs.

Lawn Care Watering And Maintenance

When tending to your lawn, there are noticeable signs to look out for when it comes to your watering routine.

  • For example, if you can walk on your lawn and the footprints don’t disappear in a somewhat quick fashion, you more than likely need more water. This happens because your lawn’s grass blades don’t possess the required moisture to stand back up on their own.
  • If your lawn starts to become a dull green or gray-like cast in color, it’s a sign of it needing water as well.
  • The best time to water your lawn is in the early morning before 10 am, as it is cooler and winds don’t tend to be high.
  • This will allow moisture to soak into the soil and be used before it evaporates.
  • If you do your watering too late it is likely to cause your grass to be more prone to possible diseases.

Ways To Water And How Much

The amount of water needed for most lawns is typically one to one and a half inches per week. This can vary depending on your type of grass. It’s recommended to water until the top six to eight inches of soil is wet. To check your soil to see if it has the right amount of water you can complete a test using a screwdriver.

  • As you water your lawn, every ten minutes stick the screwdriver into the soil until it goes in six inches
  • Once it reaches that depth, you will know just how much is enough water for your lawn.
  • You can also complete watering by using an irrigation system like a sprinkler, garden hose, or just allowing natural rainfall to handle everything for you.
  • If watering manually, you can do it all at once, or divide this task into two routine waterings per week.
  • Overwatering your lawn can be a concern. It’s important to manage the soil moisture levels of your lawn to avoid lawn damage and other problems.

Consult With The Experts At Chorbie About Lawn Watering Today

Proper watering is essential for all of your grass needs as well as maintaining a healthy lawn. Here at Chorbie, we have experts to assist you with your lawn watering tips and needs no matter the type of soil or grass you have at your property. Contact us today for more information on how to get started!

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