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DIY Lawn Care Tips For Homeowners

Diy lawn care tips for homeowners

For DFW homeowners, keeping a beautiful neighborhood lawn can be a well-earned and sought-after achievement. Because after all, lawn care does in fact take a lot of work. With a healthy well-taken care of lawn, comes great enjoyment and peace of mind. A lot of homeowners prefer getting the job done themselves, but where do you even begin? Today we’ll look at some DIY lawn care tips to assist you in lawn maintenance, and make it easy for you to keep a healthy and robust landscape!

Do It Yourself Lawn Care

Choosing to take of your lawn on your own can be a great hobby and good exercise. It’s also an amazing way of granting a great sense of accomplishment. Let’s get into the important details of where things may get tricky.

Problematic Weeds

Managing problematic weeds that are not initially stopped by pre-emergent herbicide is a core factor in the health of your lawn and is a great do-it-yourself task. It’s like fighting off your lawn’s natural enemy. You can handle invading weeds simply by manually removing them or by using a weed killer. Weed killers usually always do the trick, but both of these methods greatly maintain absolute weed control.

Time Is Of The Essence

Keep in mind it’s important to know often to wait for in-between weed killer applications. The timing is generally within the same day, but can vary depending on the kind of you use. Doing research on the best brands is essential when you choose to do it yourself.

Don’t Forget The Fertilizer

Applying lawn fertilizer during the summer months isn’t always needed. However, It’s important to know in some cases it can make a noticeable difference with certain grass types. During the hotter months, the constant heat stress weighs down on your lawn through detrimental weather conditions. This really dampens your lawn’s ability to get the proper nutrients. In these scenarios, fertilizing your lawn can give it what it needs to grow strong and fend off this common issue.

Aeration Time

Lastly, aeration of your lawn can work wonders if done correctly. This DIY task isn’t too difficult to do yourself. Aerating your lawn will relieve soil compaction allowing it to get the air, water, and nutrients it needs to grow a deeper root system. The quickest and most effective way to take on this lawn chore is to rent a core aerator machine. However, there are other ways to aerate but require a lot more physical labor, such as a spike aerator or plug aerator.

Call The Professionals

DIY lawn care is made easy when done properly and with the right tools. Sometimes, we run into problems where we need backup from a professional lawn care service team. If you find yourself in this situation, reach out to Chorbie’s Lawn Service and let us help you get it done the right way, contact a Chorbie expert today for any lawn care needs or questions.

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