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Does Weed Killer Kill Grass?

Does weed killer kill grass?

Your lawn has been taken over by weeds. You’re not sure how it happened. Maybe you got busy at work, missed a couple of weed control applications, or faced circumstances that took your focus away from lawn care. Either way, it’s time to deal with the weeds.

“Does Weed Killer Kill Grass?” – A Question We Get Often

One of the questions we receive from new members is, “Does weed killer kill grass?” This is a great question because it’s important to enter a fertilization and weed control program with clear expectations of the weed removal and prevention process. In all truth, the answer depends on a couple of factors: the chemicals used and the expertise of the applicator.

At your local garden center, you will find a plethora of weed control products. Some products offer a broad range coverage; others treat specific plants. The benefit of using a lawn care company, like Chorbie, is that they have the expertise to identify your weeds correctly. They will then be able to use a commercial-grade product that will beat any local garden center product. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to take care of weeds in a lawn— and not all of them require commercial-grade products.

The knowledge of the lawn care company also plays a vital role. Chorbie, for instance, is a licensed company, regulated by the State of Texas. Smaller lawn service providers may charge you less, but they are using inferior products and are not held accountable to the State of Texas. In exchange for a cheaper service, you will see burn spots in the lawn (see photo). When using a cheaper service, the answer to, “Does the weed killer kill grass?” is yes.

The Chorbie Difference

One month ago, we had a member call in about the abundance of grassy weeds in their backyard.

In this situation, we were confident that we could remove the weeds (with the right mixture) without creating a massive bare spot – one that would take either a lot of time or sod to recover.

Weed Xtinguishers
After one month, you can see a visible result. No weeds will be there. There are some bare patches, but this is because there was a higher concentration of grassy weeds in that area. We fully expect those areas to recover very quickly, and be weed-free.

The Professionals At Chorbie

Our goal is to remove the weeds without creating unsightly burn spots or bare patches. Does weed killer kill grass? To be honest, every yard is different, and results will vary. That being said, you can rest assured that our company has the products and expertise to kill weeds, not grass.

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