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How To Apply Weed And Feed Fertilizer

How to apply weed and feed fertilizer

Many homeowners struggle to keep a lawn with healthy growth due to a lack of expertise with weed and feed fertilizers. But, despite the obstacles of time and ability, tending to your lawn’s needs while making life easier is more than worthwhile. These types of products give you an advantage over your lawn’s growth. Knowing how to apply weed and feed properly is important for many homeowners seeking healthy growth while keeping out weeds.

How Does Weed And Feed Work?

In essence, weed and feed products control weeds, limit their growth, and supply your yard with powerful nutrients. They are both a fertilizer and a weed herbicide in one useful product.

  • The herbicidal part of these products contains chemicals that combat the growth of weeds as well as limiting their ability to take root and grow.
  • On the other hand, the feeding portion of the product is a fertilizing combination of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to enrich the health of your lawn.
  • The action of the product is simple. When applied, the herbicidal and fertilizing product is absorbed by weeds without harming regular grass. In fact, it provides needed nutrients to your grass at the same time.
How to apply weed and feed fertilizer

Applying To Your Lawn

When you start to apply your weed and feed fertilizer, it’s important you begin with getting to know the packaging and label so that you know the proper procedure for treating your lawn. There may be special instructions for the weeds you’re targeting as well as the type of grass you have. Further, you’ll find recommended spreader settings and details that will tell you how much to apply to your specific lawn.

  • Before treatment, be sure your lawn is at a normal height of around three to five inches tall.
  • Additionally, water your lawn one day before application and wait two to four days before applying any product.
  • This will protect your grass and ensure the weeds are growing, and it also allows leaves on weeds that could have been cut mowing to grow back, ready for herbicide.
  • Spray your weed and feed product using the sprayer. Be careful not to apply too much to a certain area.
  • After application, water your lawn a day or two later, making time for the product to absorb into pesky weeds.
  • Every 30 days, do a follow-up weed and feed application. You’ll keep nitrogen levels optimal through this practice.

How Chorbie Can Help With Weed And Feed Fertilizer

Weed and feed products can give your lawn a jump start when used properly by following the product’s specific guidelines and instructions. Still, you may have questions. If you have concerns about applying the product, consult a Chorbie expert to assist with your lawn care and landscaping tasks. We excel in weed and feed treatments, so contact us today to get started with growing a flourishing, weed-free lawn.

How to apply weed and feed fertilizer

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