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How To Care For Your Lawn After Aeration

How to care for your lawn after aeration

It’s natural to want a lovely landscape without expending too much energy or dedication. Achieving this desirable lawn is done through basic lawn care practices like aeration. Aeration helps your plants and grasses to grow, and knowing how to care for a lawn after aeration makes a world of a difference. Your lawn must be cared for properly after the aeration process in order to maintain its helpful effects. The benefits of caring for your lawn properly after aeration far outweigh the requirements. Let us show you how you can truly master your lawn to create a scenery of immense enjoyment for you and your family.

How to care for your lawn after aeration

What You Can Do For Your Lawn After Aeration

Germination is the name of the game. After the popular, core aeration process, a lawn must be tended properly in order to allow for your plant’s germination. Here are some key tips to be aware of when caring for your lawn after this procedure.

  • Let the aerator plugs and holes rest: Once the aerator has plugged the lawn and left holes in their place, leave these bits and pieces as they are. Once they germinate, filling up with the roots of new grass, they will naturally vanish. These lumps of dirt and sod will disappear as well, leaving you with a refreshed look.
  • Water deeply: Make sure to do a lot of watering, but only infrequently, since this will encourage a stronger lawn which is more drought-tolerant and robust. This kind of watering system encourages deeper root growth as well. Once a month passes, you can safely limit your schedule to once per day—if the grass is two inches tall.
  • Apply fertilizer and reseed: Applying fertilizer to feed the roots of your lawn will serve up important nutrients for your landscape to look its best. In addition, you can reseed a thinning or bare lawn. Seeds will capture soil plugs, and such over-seeding is advised after lawn aeration.
  • Stay off the grass: Avoid going on the grass when possible for at least the first month. Keeping the yard off-limits will allow new seeds to properly germinate and enhance the growth of your lawn.
  • Mow sparingly, but check frequently: Only cutting the grass over three and a half inches is your best bet for increasing the root system and strength of your grass. At this optimal length, they can grow deeper and more quickly. Before you mow your lawn always check for dryness. Removing the catcher on your mower will allow you to redistribute dry plugs. Finally, mix up your direction.

How Chorbie Can Care For Your Lawn

After aeration is the perfect time to focus on your lawn needs. Aeration adds extra exposure to your soil, helping new growth and lushness. Though it may sound complex, there are many known reasons to care for your lawn after aeration with intention and purpose. Follow these tips above to nourish a healthy lawn. Create beauty in your surroundings, and cultivate a stunning lawn. Contact Chorbie’s lawn care experts who specialize in helping homeowners get unique, impressive results.

How to care for your lawn after aeration

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