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How To Care For Your Lawn In The Fall

How to care for your lawn in the fall

Fall may not seem like an ideal time to think about lawn care, especially with winter right around the corner. Though your grass may go dormant, fall serves as one of the best times to groom your lawn and prepare it for the coming year. Since fall is cool and moist, the weather assists the grassroots to grow much better than in summer, taking advantage of this growing period will pay out immensely next year. Knowing how to care for your lawn in the fall is important for all homeowners wanting to keep a healthy landscape outside of their homes. There are multiple steps you can take to care for your lawn this fall, let’s go over some now.

Pests And Weeds

  • Early fall is a great time to take initiative and rid your yard of pests, as they can wreak havoc come wintertime. You can simply apply a pesticide to your lawn to combat invading pests, this will get rid of them so they do not follow you into the new year.
  • Another treatment that will add value to your yard is the use of a pre-emergent herbicide for future weed prevention. Just like spring, fall is the perfect time to add a pre-emergent herbicide, it will keep the pesky weeds from invading your yard throughout winter.

Fertilization And Aeration

  • Fall is the single most important time of year to apply fertilizer to your lawn for it to grow healthy the following year. Use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to encourage a boost in growth and health in your yard. This will also allow your lawn to get all of the nutrients it needs. An important reminder is that if you are going to fertilize you need to do it after you aerate your lawn.
  • Aeration allows the fertilizer to move deeper into the soil, allowing the fertilizer to make a much more beneficial impact on your yard. Aeration in the fall can also relieve your lawn of the summer’s constant heat stress and soil compaction that has been straining your grass.


  • Lastly, you need to routinely cut your grass in the fall, just like summer, until it stops growing. Once done, prepare your lawnmower for the long break it’s going to get until next spring by performing the proper maintenance.
  • Another cliché tip that is very important, is to make sure you rake your yard often and steer clear of piling leaves. Allowing leaves to clutter your yard blocks out the much-needed sunlight plants need to make food. Also, leaving leaves allows moisture to build under the leaves which could result in fungi growing in your yard.

We Have Your Back

Fall is certainly a time of year to remain busy tending the lawn to ensure it stays healthy and groomed. There can be a lot of chores to take on for homeowners, that is why Chorbie is here to help and serve. Contact us for any fall lawn care tips or for assistance in managing your lawn this time of year.

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