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How To Prevent Weeds In Your Yard

How To Prevent Weeds In Your Yard

Several factors can be detrimental to your yard, and they can range from health factors to simple eyesores. For homeowners, the main problem is the seemingly sudden invasion of yard weed. To maintain your yard looking sharp every day, it is important to know how to handle and maintain weeds from taking over.

How To Prevent Weeds Before They Begin

When talking about maintaining your yard, stopping a problem before it begins is the best way to get rid of it, and with weeds that is no exception. The first step you can take to prevent weeds is to keep up with your lawn care and ensure your yard is receiving proper maintenance.
If your yard becomes stressed out, there is a higher chance weeds will take over, so feeding your lawn regularly will have a huge impact. During the growing season, you can use a lawn fertilizer to feed your lawn every six to eight weeks. Because of the proper feeding your yard will receive, your yard will not stay thick and lush, but it will also welcome less weeds due to there being little space for them.

Aerating & Dethatching Yard Weeds Away

Another huge factor in keeping your yard weed-free is aerating and dethatching it, which will allow your lawn to gain proper nutrition and care to grow luscious and thick. Having thick and tall grass reduces space for weeds to grow while also shading the soil and preventing weeds to sprout, due to not having enough sunlight.

Watering To Prevent Yard Weeds

In terms of watering your yard, a good tip is to water deeply and infrequently. This method will have your lawn grow deeper roots. Your deeply rooted lawn will be able to better challenge and compete against any weeds that may try rising, while thickening and crowding out weeds. On the other hand, watering your yard often and shallow will cause your lawn’s roots to grow shorter. With shorter roots your grass will be at risk to suffer during periods of heat and drought, which is no phenomenon here in Texas, but the troubles won’t end there because your yard will be left thin and with bare spots that weeds will take advantage of swiftly.

Taking Care Of Yard Weeds Permanently

Stopping weeds before they sprout can be done in several different ways by proactive homeowners and contacting an expert is one of them. Getting in contact with a weed control expert will always be the most advised option when defending your home properly. When you’re ready for solutions to your weeds contact a Chorbie expert. Chorbie is here to assist you with weed control and prevention!

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