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How To Take Care Of Weeds In A Lawn

How to take care of weeds in a lawn

Summer is the season best known for sinking your feet into the lush, cool grass on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, lawn weeds prevent this from happening and quickly turn into an unpleasant, fast-growing issue. As a homeowner, it’s imperative to know how to manage weeds and maintain total lawn care control. Taking care of a weed problem may sound like an uphill battle, however ,if you follow these professional tips you can achieve a healthy and weed-free lawn.

Preventing Lawn Weeds

Weeds, just like any other plant will grow rapidly if we give them the opportunity. The first step to taking care of weeds in your lawn is creating a lawn environment that makes it difficult for weeds to thrive. Factors such as mowing the grass low, compacted soil, and water-deprived areas encourage weeds to grow. Therefore, it’s best to avoid these practices. If your goal is killing weeds without killing the grass, use pre-emergent as a preventer to stop weeds like crabgrass before they start growing. Use post-emergent herbicides as a weed killer for weeds like dandelions if they already started growing. Be sure to use these products as the label guarantees no lawn damage or harm while eradicating weed problems. Having effective weed growth prevention measures in place for your lawn is just as important as actively removing new growths.

Getting Rid Of Already Existing Weeds

Natural remedies for weed control are the DIY method to pull weeds. A helpful alternative is applying vinegar spray. Vinegar dries the plant leaves and kills what’s above the ground. These methods generally work well for a few weeds found throughout the lawn. For large spreads, it’s best to use a safe and effective herbicide. Maintenance and proper upkeep will prevent and take care of weeds from returning once your weed problem is solved.

Chorbie To The Rescue!

Maintaining a weed-free and healthy lawn is always achievable despite the grass type. Every lawn is different and has different needs. Luckily, Chorbie is able to find the solution for each lawn and its unique needs. For assistance with your lawn’s weed problems or any other lawn care/landscaping need, call Chorbie’s experts today.

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