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How To Use Carburetor Cleaner On A Lawnmower

How to use carburetor cleaner on a lawnmower

Owning a lawn mower means maintenance, as it can make all the difference when it comes to your lawn care. It’s a household essential for many, but it also requires its own attention to ensure everything keeps up and running. One of the trickiest sticking points for new mower owners is carburetor cleaner. Chorbie is here to provide a complete, step-by-step guide on how to use carburetor cleaner on a lawnmower to make certain you stay up and running. Read how you’re able to promote safety and quality in your equipment while keeping a tidy lawn.

Getting Started

The first step in any maintenance project on your mower is to understand what exactly you are cleaning and protecting. Using your lawnmower regularly will lead to sludge and debris to build up around your carburetor overtime. The grime that accumulates can greatly affect the mower’s ability to keep the engine running. In fact, without the ability to mix fuel and oxygen in the combustion engine, it will completely stop working. Allowing the problem of buildup to go unmanaged can lead to many more issues besides. In short, however, if you fail to maintain your carburetor, you will be buying an expensive new mower quite soon.

8 Simple Steps For Lawn Mower Carburetor Cleaning

Carburetor cleaner remedies the issue of problem buildup around your carburetor, affecting smoothness while running the engine. You’ll also increase the lifespan of your mower by using carburetor cleaner regularly and following these steps:

  • Grab a screwdriver and your preferred cleaner
  • Start by turning the mower off and letting the engine cool completely
  • Remove the air filter on the same side that you find the carburetor

Now that you’ve removed the filter and allowed the engine to cool, you can turn to reveal the grime and buildup in the carburetor.

  • Take off the carburetor cover and linkage to expose the inside
  • Wait for the inside to dry out, and then start the engine
  • Spray into the center of the carburetor as it is running.

Cleaning the carburetor while it’s running is best because it allows the cleaner to penetrate and clean the throat of the carburetor, removing deposits in the lower sections. Now for the last few steps:

  • Shut off the engine and continue spraying to get extra buildup removed
  • Replace the cover, linkage, air filter, and screw everything back in place.

How Chorbie Can Help

Taking care of your mower is essential to save time and money as a homeowner by avoiding costly replacements and frustrating maintenance issues. A clean carburetor helps, and Chorbie is just the expert to assist you in getting this task done. We bring many years of experience to simple and complex tasks for homeowners, giving them peace of mind, greater outdoor enjoyment, and saving time and resources by eliminating complex chores. Contact one of our experts today to see how you can get started in the right direction with all your lawn care and landscaping needs

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