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Myth Or Fact: Do April Showers Bring May Flowers?

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Most people know the old proverb that says “April showers bring May flowers.” We know that April is commonly a wet month compared to the drought of winter. This period of rain does provide unseen value to your lawn. The rain livens up already planted flowers as the proverb says – You cannot expect flowers to appear where seeds have not been sown. Chorbie is here to shed light on the value of April showers when it comes to spring flowers. Let’s prepare your yard for the warmer days to come!

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How April Showers Benefit Soil And May Flowers

Rainwater is more beneficial for your lawn than you may know.

The rain provides minerals more valuable than water delivered through a sprinkler system. Furthermore, tap water carries unnecessary chemicals, like chlorine and fluoride. We know chlorine as a disinfectant and fluoride are well-known as a teeth cavity preventative. Neither of these chemicals helps or supports spring flowers growth. In fact, nearly all plants are susceptible to chlorine toxicity, which appears as burnt margins on the leaves.

Rainwater truly is a gift that adds value to your plants and flowers by:

  • Freeing nutrients and minerals in the soil that plants need to survive. The roots absorb the particles in a process called diffusion.
  • Washing debris off of the plant’s leaves to help them perform photosynthesis more effectively.
  • Flushing salts away from the yard into drains. If the salts were to remain on the property in excess, they can sink into the soil, beyond the grass’ root zone, and cause a build-up that will inhibit plant growth.

If you want to learn about the best flowers for spring in North Texas, you can click here.

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We want to assist the rain in helping your lawn become more healthy and grow beautifully. Chorbie can remove existing plants, prep the soil and plant as well as water new spring flowers. Give Chorbie a call today to help with spring flower bed preparations.

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