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Pre-Emergents: Why To Use It

Pre-Emergents: Why To Use It

Maintaining a weed-free lawn for homeowners requires the correct lawn care control and recipe. One of those core ingredients, mixed in with managing your lawn, is the use of pre-emergents. But what exactly are pre-emergent herbicides? Pre-emergents are effective in weed control, which makes knowing exactly why to use them and the range of their capabilities so important.

Benefits From Pre-Emergents

This herbicide treatment is aimed to make contact with the undesired weeds and prevent them from having the chance to grow.

  • Pre-emergent herbicides do their job so well in fact, that they have been referred to as the “crabgrass stoppers” before.
  • Once applied, most pre-emergents will create a barrier/layer of herbicide in the soil that is absorbed by an emerging seedling. The seeds will germinate, but on germinating will absorb the herbicide and fail to emerge.

Timing Means Everything

  • It’s important to note that pre-emergent herbicide will not have any effect on weeds that are already sprouted above ground and visible.
  • Because of this, timing is everything to catch your lawn weed issue before it can grow into a serious problem.
  • Letting weeds reside in your lawn can cause serious problems in the future for your yard and other plants.
  • Untreated weeds can out-compete desirable plantings, in some cases resulting in a decline in the health of your plants and grass dramatically.
  • The invading weeds will compete for nutrients and water, majorly affecting the other plants around them.

Chorbie Is Here As A Helping Hand

The great thing about dealing with a weed problem or preventing one from happening in the first place, is there are so many options. When you are looking for answers or solutions to weeds in your yard don’t hesitate to give us a call. Chorbie experts are always here to assist and get the job done right! Give us a call today to get started protecting your yard from being taken over by harmful weeds.

Check out our information about how pre-emergents take action and work in your lawn to defend it from damaging weeds!

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