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Texas Lawn Care Tips For Summer Months

Texas lawn care tips for summer months

As a resident of Texas, you know the inescapable heat of summer. High heat and soaring temperatures can turn a once beautiful landscape into a blanket of brown, baked lawns. These conditions pose many issues for homeowners. Dealing with these issues yourself can be a challenge, but we want to empower you. The problems the summer months present can be remedied through easy steps if you have the right approach. Summer lawn care requires savy tips like those we include in this article to fight back against the heat. At Chorbie, we offer this instruction and advice because we care for hundreds of lawns and landscapes through every season. With this post, you can gain insight into lawn care basics. Come with us as we explore the many ways you can learn to protect your lawn and deal with less-than-ideal seasonal conditions.

Lawn Care Tips For Summer

With the right mindset, you can make summer lawn care easy. For one, you can ensure that your lawn gets adequate nutrients needed to grow strong and healthy. Feeding them with plant boosting supplements to the soil, for example, can help strengthen your plants to remain resilient. After six to eight weeks after these feedings, the lawn itself will convert these nutrients for your plants to use in growing thick and strong. You will want to refresh these nutrients with consistent feeding since this allows your lawn to grow, crowd out weeds, and cool the soil. At the same time, mowing your lawn is best done with the mower blade set to High. Cutting too low with a lawnmower will shortchange your lawn while cutting higher means having taller grass with longer roots and more resiliency. This is because long roots help fight summer heat by reaching down to absorb greater moisture and store more water.

The Power Of Proper Watering

As for watering, you will want to remain consistent and committed to giving your plants every drop they need. Though longer roots help, there is no substitute for watering deeply during a dry spell. Keep the watering infrequent yet quenching. Otherwise, if you water too frequently, roots will shorten again and lose their advantage against drought conditions. Moreover, you can adopt the inch-per-week rule. Water in the morning between 6 A.M. and 10 A.M. to reduce wasteful evaporation from the sun, and water just once per week to maintain roots and hydration. But, perhaps you simply have a type of grass that will not hand hot weather. This is the case if grass grows only in bunches or with thick, unappealing blades. These types of lawns will have unsightly bare spots. Nevertheless, it’s best to consult a professional to solve your lawn issues.

Texas lawn care tips for summer months

How Chorbie Can Help Save And Protect Your Lawn

These summer lawn care tips can help guarantee a lush, green yard throughout the summer season and hot weather. Don’t let the summer heat get the best of your lawn. Consult a professional. Chorbie is available to offer you assistance in fortifying, mowing, and watering a healthy lawn even during intense, drought conditions. Contact us for a consultation on your lawn to stop the sun and summer heat from creating unsightly patches in your grass or killing off your beautiful plants. Contact Chorbie to get started with an initial consultation and quote so that you can rest assured your lawn will make it out alive and thriving.

Texas lawn care tips for summer months

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