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The Best Hearing Protection For Lawn Mowing

The best hearing protection for lawn mowing

Mowing the lawn is an everyday occurrence in the DFW area for homeowners. Some people even find it therapeutic to get outside on the lawnmower. Whether it’s for house maintenance or commercial purposes it is important to have the proper safety hearing protection when mowing.

Why You Need Hearing Protection

One of Chorbie’s top recommendations is to use hearing protection when operating lawn equipment. Hearing protection saves your hearing, in the long run, as power tools can be very loud! It is a common misconception that using a lawnmower does not affect your hearing but in reality, it is very easy to cause long-term damage and hearing loss from prolonged exposure to loud noises. The fact is, noise levels above 85 decibels can cause long-term damage and hearing loss; a lawnmower is about 90 decibels which is right around the point where damage can occur. You would rather be safe than sorry!

The best hearing protection for lawn mowing

What Kind Of Hearing Protection To Use When Mowing

Including the proper safety equipment for yard work will ensure your safety and long time life satisfaction. You can get noise protection from earphones, ear muffs, or headphones as they all prove noise reduction rating (NRR). Ear coverage goes over the ear canal and lowers the decibel of noise as it enters your eardrum to protect your hearing. By not allowing damaging sounds to wreak havoc on your ears, you will save yourself from long-term hearing loss. When looking for the best hearing protection for lawn mowing and decibel defense, there are many options. One of our favorite options is the safety earmuffs called the 3m WorkTunes. They also come with a Bluetooth setting so you can hook your phone up and listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while working. The 3m Worktunes are hearing protectors that provide noise protection while also remaining affordable. You cannot go wrong with any form of hearing protection while mowing the lawn, even a pair of basic foam earplugs will get the job done.

Protecting Your Hearing

You should never take the risk of damaging your own hearing by mowing without some sort of noise-reducing earplugs or headphones. Regardless of the scenario, safety should always come first and not be taken lightly. Do not let loud environments stop you from getting the job done or harm you while completing your task. Chorbie has experts with the proper safety equipment to get the job done right. If you need assistance in mowing your lawn or in any other area of yard work, give us a call today.

The best hearing protection for lawn mowing

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