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The Best Height To Mow Your Lawn

The best height to mow your lawn

Maintaining your lawn at the ideal height will result in a lush, strong, and healthy lawn. Every type of grass has its best height to be cut to, regardless of it being a warm-season turf or cool-season turf. Knowing what height to mow your lawn to truly make a difference and benefits your grass, and the Chorbie experts are here to help you know how to mow.

Finding The Right Height

Let’s start by stating the most important things you should avoid. First, you should never cut grass blades too short as this makes them more susceptible to weed invasions, followed by possible drought and heat damage. On the other hand, letting it grow too long between each mow runs the risk of making your home the perfect place for pests to live.

How To Know How Much To Cut?

The general rule of thumb when lawn mowing is to never cut more than one-third of the total grass height in a single cutting. Figuring out how tall your grass should be kept at is as easy as knowing your turf’s ideal height and then using your lawnmower on it when it grows one-third above the necessary height. Cool-season grasses typically grow most during spring and fall and warm-season grasses grow the most during the summer. It is also best to allow all grass to grow taller during the summer and during more drought-prone times so you don’t run the risk of your lawn dying.

The best height to mow your lawn

Warm-Seasons Grasses Height

Being a resident of the DFW area in Texas, you’re going to see more warm-season grasses than not. This is because the climate favors that particular type of lawn. Warm-season grass can be kept at the following heights:

  • Bermuda grass .5″-3″
  • St. Augustine grass 2″-4″
  • Zoysia grass .5″-3.5″
  • Kikuyu grass 1″-2″
  • Centipede grass 1″-2.5″
  • Buffalo grass 1.5″ -4″
  • Bahia grass 2.5″-4″

Keep in mind that the lower you cut your grass the more water it needs to prevent drought and heat stress. Drought and heat stress could lead to higher watering costs to maintain a beautiful green lawn. It is recommended to mow your grass at the higher end of the range during the heat of the summer.

Calling The Experts

Researching and knowing your specific grass type can give you the information you need. Knowing those specifics will tell you where to set your mower height for the best results. Combining these tips with the correct usage of a string trimmer can give you the yard you desire and deserve. If you want more information or need help assessing your lawn, give Chorbie a call today.

The best height to mow your lawn

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