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The Dangers of Stringer Trimmer Damage

The dangers of string trimmer damage

If you want to keep your yard in pristine condition, you need to use the right tools. While a lawnmower can cover large areas of your lawn, it’s often difficult to get the precision you need. A string trimmer, on the other hand, can reach even the toughest of spots. This tool can really make things easy as long as handled professionally, so as not to end up with lots of string trimmer damage.

If you want to achieve the most benefits this tool can provide, you need to know when and how to use a string trimmer for lawn work. When using your lawnmower to cut grass, you will always have trouble taking care of hard to reach places. In such cases, a string trimmer is the main equipment to use.

Potential String Trimmer Damages

Even though a string trimmer may be the right tool to use, if it is not used properly you can easily damage your property, lawn, trees, or injure yourself.

String Trimmer Safety

Safety should be first and foremost when using any equipment including weed trimmers. To keep yourself from getting hurt, it is important to always wear long sleeves, pants, safety glasses, and work gloves to protect yourself. You must also be aware of any bystanders, since string trimmers have the ability to kick up hard to see things from the ground, such as small stones.

Damaged Lawn

The point of string trimming with a weed wacker is to purposely clean up the edges and hard to reach areas of your yard, so that they match the height of your lawn. The best time to use a weed wacker is either before or after mowing your lawn. This will help complete the look of your yard. However, this should be done carefully to avoid string trimmer damage. If you go too low with the weed eater you can scalp your yard, causing damage to the turfgrass. Not only will this be aesthetically unpleasing, but will allow more sunlight to reach the soil surface, encouraging weeds to grow.

The dangers of string trimmer damage

Hurt Trees

String trimmers are ideal as they can get in the tightest of spaces. But, they will cut up anything their path almost instantly. Accidentally running into a tree’s trunk or shrubs can lead to serious damage. Young trees that are smaller are more prone to damage making it even more necessary to be cautious when using a string trimmer near them. The issue is that if a tree is damaged it will cause problems for other parts of the tree to get water and nutrients. This in turn could potentially lead to the death of the tree. This can be avoided b y using tree rings around stand-alone trees and using properly edged beds in other areas of your yard.

Work With A Professional

String trimmers can be a great tool to have on hand if you know how to use them properly. They make getting your yard in pristine condition easy. But, knowing how to operate and handle a string trimmer can be a somewhat difficult and tiresome job. The good news is that the experts at Chorbie can help you with your string trimming chores. Call or text Chorbie today at 972-697-5221 to set up an appointment to get your yard looking sharp.

The dangers of string trimmer damage

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