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Tips For Caring For Your Yard All Year Round

Tips for caring for your yard all year round

Caring for your yard all year round, and trying to maintain an overall healthy state, can be a daunting task. Though, knowing how to get the best results throughout the ever-changing seasons is easy with a little guidance. Let’s look at some tips for each individual season and what you can do to help out better in caring for and maintaining a healthy yard all year round!


  • Spring is the season where your yard really needs the most care in a lot of areas. This is because the grass is just starting to grow as the temperatures start rising.
  • Keep in mind, early spring serves as the best to lay down sod, since the risk of frost is much lower.
  • This time of year reduces the need for watering as the soil is easier to work with.
  • The ideal time for sowing seed is when the soil warms up because there is enough rain to support germination.
  • Feeding your yard in the springtime is essential, this will keep the lawn looking green with the proper nutrients.

Watering, De-Thatching, & Mowing

  • Watering isn’t as necessary in spring because the grass usually isn’t too dry.
  • Occasionally towards the last few months, you can water if you notice otherwise.
  • De-thatch your lawn to get rid of the built-up layer of dead grass from winter.
  • Mow regularly and at the highest blade setting for the first cut. Afterward, you should increase your mowing height by about half an inch every week so the grass builds up stronger as it grows.
  • Aerate your soil to ensure it gets a boosted start to its living cycle to really take advantage.


  • Summer is when grass sees times of drought and high stress. During these times of drought be sure to avoid dethatching or aerating.
  • When it comes to caring for your yard in the summer, feeding is an option if you deem it necessary but only do it if rainfall or adequate irrigation is expected. The reason for this is if it’s too dry the fertilizer will burn and stress out your grass.
  • Watering your lawn during summer can be made with an irrigation system, then again a water hose does always work too.
  • Water several times a week in the summer to prevent the grass from going into drought-induced dormancy and turning brown.
  • Mowing should be routinely done once or twice a week unless your yard is drought-stressed.
  • For problems like weeds you can continue to remove them however you choose, but with weeds that require spraying to be removed, these should be avoided in times of extreme drought stress.


  • Fall is an important season for your yard as it marks its preparation for the low temperatures of winter.
  • Feeding the lawn in fall is just like feeding in spring, except for the key ingredient for fertilizer in fall is potassium.
  • Potassium gets the grass ready better for the harsh weather of winter better than nitrogen does.
  • This is another season where aerating plays a beneficial role, followed by a good top-dressing that will really get your lawn what it needs to grow strong.
  • Mowing still persists through fall but not as much. Your last mow will be in the late fall, though be sure to cut on a high setting to care for your yard properly.
  • It’s no surprise that raking leaves would be here, this does make your lawn look inviting and beautiful but you can also shred the leaves and add them to compost to further your benefits.
  • Scarify the lawn to get up all the thatch, afterwards, you can also add this to your compost heap.


  • When winter comes there aren’t near as many chores to keep up with, but there still are some must-know tips.
  • When caring for your yard, avoid walking on your grass during times it frosts over since this will leave black marks where you stepped and the grass over time dies back.
  • Pick up any remaining leaves that are scattered across your lawn as these block sunlight which kills the lawn.

Call The Experts

Regardless of the season, there are steps you can take in the right direction for a more healthy and respectable lawn. Plus caring for your yard all year round is what’s needed for a healthy home. Chorbie has experts in all fields related to lawn care and landscaping and are here to help. Contact a Chorbie expert today to get started on how we can assist you to get the lawn you deserve.

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