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What To Know Before Treating Dallisgrass Weeds

What to know before treating dallisgrass weeds

This time of year, Dallisgrass weeds are showing face more and more for homeowners. Dallisgrass weeds are a type that can be very difficult for homeowners to treat, but here at Chorbie, we have several solutions available. When it comes to treating dallisgrass weeds, we can’t use any methods we provide without your approval and consent, and unless we hear from you those weeds will continue to take over your yard.

Before We Can Treat Dallisgrass Weeds

Dallisgrass weeds fall under the category of grassy weeds. Grassy weeds are difficult to treat because they are related to turfgrasses and do not respond to traditional broadleaf weed control treatments. Dallisgrass is one of the most difficult to control because it can be spread by the plant’s seeds or through its root system. This is the reason why these weeds appear out of nowhere without warning.

Non-Selective Herbicide Treatment

There are many different variables that can make controlling dallisgrass weeds an issue. Thankfully, Chorbie has multiple solutions available for homeowners. The first option is a non-selective herbicide treatment. This treatment kills dallisgrass all the way to the roots in about 14 days following the treatment. You can find this included in your Weed Control and Fertilization package. Keep in mind this method is only available when ambient temperatures are above 70 degrees.

Also, this can damage the turf where the dallisgrass was growing. Non-selective herbicides will also damage the turf around the weeds, leaving a dead patch of bare ground. Depending on the density of the weeds, this may or may not be of major concern to you. If this causes issues you may choose to treat only portions of the dallisgrass at a time. This allows some sections to recover fully before treating them. It’s important to know that treated areas may be bare for a period of time that we cannot estimate. Solely depending on environmental factors, it could be anywhere from 6 to 24 months. We do provide the option to fill in these areas with peat moss, topsoil, or fresh sod at additional cost. You must notify us via email if you wish to proceed with this solution.

Manual Dallisgrass Weed Removal

This option is as simple as it sounds. Either a single or two-man crew will come out to your home to dig up the weeds and bag them for removal. By choosing to dig the dallisgrass weeds out you can reduce the amount of strain on the surrounding healthy grass. Keep in mind, there will be bare patches of dirt left behind where the dallisgrass once grew.

We will fill in these bare spots with Topsoil, where the grass will cover back over that area given time. This is the recommended solution as it does not involve the use of any products on your lawn. Grassy weeds spread through their root system, and while every concession will be made to remove the entire plant, some roots may remain, causing some potential resurgence in the future. Once again, you must contact us to let us know this is the dallisgrass weed treatment you want to use.

Tribute Herbicide Treatment

The final treatment is a selective herbicide product known as Tribute. This option allows us to treat weeds and minimize the damage done to the surrounding grass. With this treatment, it greatly depends on the number of weeds already in your lawn. If there are too many already grown, this option won’t be available. The way this one works, is we do two treatments spaced 14-21 days apart.

We also send out visits from Quality Control 15 to 30 days after the second treatment to assess progress and reapply if needed for no additional cost. Given some time, this treatment will kill the weeds while leaving your lawn fully intact. This isn’t an immediate solution but will be low impact on your grass. To get started here we will take a measurement of how many square feet of your lawn needs to be treated to establish a price. Afterward, we will schedule the first of two treatments to happen within 7 to 10 business days, as long as weather conditions don’t get in the way. The second application of Tribute takes place two weeks after the initial treatment. As another reminder, you do have to contact us and let us know if this is the treatment you want to utilize to combat dallisgrass weeds.

Importance About Dallisgrass Weeds

It’s important to know that there is no way to completely eliminate dallisgrass, and we can only guarantee that the dallisgrass will be suppressed. It is common to see some resurgence of dallisgrass in some areas either in the same growing season or the next. This is due to the fact that dallisgrass is not preventable at all. Mostly, each resurgence yields fewer weeds, and over multiple growing seasons of proper lawn care, you can reduce dallisgrass weeds on your property. Contact Chorbie for treatment of your dallisgrass weed problem.

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