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When To Change Your Lawn Mower Oil

When to change your lawn mower oil

Lawnmowers provide convenience and efficiency when it comes to maintaining your yard. A properly working lawn mower will last longer and avoid expensive problems, which may result in replacing the tool earlier than you would hope. Changing your lawn mower oil and maintaining the quality of the mower will protect your investment for many years to come. How often should you change the oil? Our recommendation at Chorbie is to replace the oil every spring or every 50 hours of lawn mowing use, whichever comes first.

Lawn Mower Oil Change

By changing it on time you will benefit from better and increased performance, longer engine life, and less costly maintenance. Be sure to use oil that is specially formatted for your lawnmower and follow these tips on changing the oil:

Step 1: Disconnect all spark plugs

Step 2: Extract all oil from the compartment. Please responsibly dispose of used oil.

Step 3: Replace the oil filter.

Step 4: Add new engine oil to the compartment, fill up to the dipstick fill line.

Additional Maintenance Recommendations

In addition to changing the oil, maintaining your lawnmower can keep it running smoother for longer. We recommend checking your owner’s manual to understand how often you should replace the air filter and follow accordingly. Checking the air filters every so often is a good practice because it is best to replace them when they are dirty. Lastly, do not let your gas go stale; bad gas will affect your lawnmower’s efficiency. Gas will go stale in as little as 30 days, so we recommend changing it often or adding a fuel stabilizer to help it work properly.

When to change your lawn mower oil
A man wearing nitrile-dipped work gloves is preparing to check the oil in a red lawnmower using a dipstick.

We Can Help

Taking care of your lawnmower will help it last longer, these simple tasks will protect your investment and make sure there are no surprises or mishaps. Contact Chorbie if you need assistance with yard maintenance, our experts are happy to help!

When to change your lawn mower oil

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